The Last Art College

The Last Art College, a monster of a book, argues for the super importance of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NASCAD) in the 60s and 70s. And its pretty fascinating. Postminimalist and conceptualist artists from all over became faculty members and visiting artists at the college, transforming the very method in which art could be taught and practiced. Included in this book are tons and tons of pictures, as well as text detailing the incredible art produced and elaborated upon at NASCAD.

Artists like Joseph Beuys, Sol Lewitt, Gerhard Richter, Lucy Lippard, John Baldessari, Hans Haacke, Robert Frank, Jenny Holzer, Vito Acconi, Claes Oldenburg, and Michael Snow all involved themselves with the activities at NASCAD. "The Last Art College", writes AA Bronson, "demonstrates how a small college in a remote location in Canada rewrote the textbook on how to teach contemporary art in a college setting." 

Piece by Dan Graham, 1971
Piece by Art Green, 1970
Piece by Martha Wilson, 1975

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