Launch for Doug Harris's YOU comma idiot

We'll be launching Montrealer Doug Harris's YOU comma Idiot later this month. Here's a little bit about the book, which has been garnering significant praise and is at the store now, which means you can study hard before joining us for the launch on Friday March 23rd at 7 pm at the Librairie D+Q. Doug Harris will be in conversation with Larissa Andrusyshyn (Mammoth). RSVP on the Facebook here.

Gritty, warm, funny, and surprisingly literary, YOU comma Idiot is a work that heralds a sensational new voice in Canadian fiction.

Lee Goodstone is precisely where he always wanted to be: in the loving arms of Honey, his best friend's girlfriend. Pushing the term 'laid-back' to new heights, Lee long ago decided the correct plan of action in his life would be to have no plan at all. Reality, however, has other intentions. Lee's friend Henry is wanted for kidnapping. His modest income as a minor drug dealer is being threatened by outside competitors. And after Lee is inadvertently interviewed on television about Henry's whereabouts, Lee's dealer boss is more than a little perturbed.

For a man with few responsibilities and even less ambition, Lee is about to learn a few hard truths. For lee, it's no longer about how the game of life is played; now, he needs to figure out exactly what the game is and which team he's playing for.

Mixing the insouciant charm of Nick Hornby, the hipster attitude of Douglas Coupland, and the crunchy urban dialogue of Elmore Leonard, this is a story for the slacker in us all.

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