Tweeting with Steve Martin

What’s that? Oh not much, just reading the collected tweets of Steve Martin...
Here’s a nice little preview of nine, make that ten, Stevie tweets, from his brand new book THE TEN, MAKE THAT NINE, HABITS OF VERY ORGANIZED PEOPLE. MAKE THAT TEN :

1)      “Like in The Da Vinci Code, today’s tweets will contain secret, hidden [YO MAMA] messages for you to try and discover.”
2)      “Took Tylenol PM in the morning, and was arrested.”
3)      “I’ve decided I want to get to know Cher on a first name basis.”
4)      “Tired of sitting on my butt. Trying my shoulder.”
5)      “Trusting wife angry at me for violating sacred pact of marriage. A married man, she claims, does not wear a bustle.”
6)      “A very good gardener I know just told me my ass is grass. Nice compliment.”
7)      “Just bought sexy new body stocking. In beige. With eyeholes. Currently walking dog in neighborhood. Tinfoil hat looks good, too.”
8)      “(Attempting to class-up Tweets) I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, ‘Is it gay in here or is it just me?’”
9)      “THIS JUST IN: Scientists discover hokey-pokey to be basic building block of matter. So the hokey-pokey is, after all, what it’s all about.”

And, drum-roll please, number 10:

"The last thing Bin Laden saw coming at him"

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