New Bolaño collection reveals The Secret of Evil

Each time I think that I've exhausted my interest in newly released translations of the late Roberto Bolaño (The Savage Detectives, 2666, By Night in Chile), another one is published, I casually flip through it - and I'm hooked back in. Translated by Bolaño regulars Chris Andrews and Natasha Wimmer, this most recent collection "opens the computer file of all the texts Bolaño was working on at his death" in 2003 (John Banville). The Secret of Evil offers an array of stories and narrative sketches, which both return to previous themes and characters (displacement, unnamed horror, the state of literature in Latin America, Belano and Lima) and offer new perspectives. V. S. Naipaul visits Buenos Aires and denounces the sexual practices of its denizens. A low-budget zombie movie serves as an allegory for human existence. Bolaño's young son, in a rare autobiographical piece, learns to approach automatic doors without detection. The unfinished state of some of these pieces is not as frustrating as might be expected, perhaps because Bolaño is already such a master of the "poetics of inconclusiveness" (Ignacio Echevarria). The secret of evil surely lurks in these pages, just out of sight, on the next page, which always ends up being disconcertingly blank.

Andrew Hood launches The Cloaca! Invisible Publishing's 5th B-Day! Tonight!

The Cloaca is a collection of stories from Andrew Hood. Andrew's someone whose name I've heard around, whose debut book we've carried for a few years now, we're thrilled to be hosting his book launch with awesome publisher Invisible.

The Cloaca is a collection of contemporary short fiction by award-winning author Andrew Hood. From community flea markets to early-morning encounters with neighbourhood drunks, these strange, almost confessional stories will make you laugh out loud and feel bad later.

Come meet the author and celebrate Invisible Publishing's 5th Anniversary with us!

TONIGHT! Friday, May 4th 7pm.

Pow Pow!

La nouvelle maison d’édition de bande dessinée québécoise Pow Pow vient de sortir deux nouveaux livres!

Glorieux Printemps de Sophie Bédard se présente comme une sorte de Dawson's Creek québecois: "Émilie n’a d’yeux que pour la nuque de Raphaël, mais c’est plutôt l’excentrique Antoine qui la suit partout. Pendant ce temps, Micheline est folle des beaux mollets de son âme sœur, et Mathieu observe de très loin la trop parfaite Andréanne."

Quant au nouveau Motel Galactic 2: Le folklore contre-attaque de Pierre Bouchard et Francis Desharnais, je vous invite à regarder la bande annonce ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur l'intrigue:

And for all y'alls that allegedly don't read french, you should give it a try with Pow Pow's Mile End (Michel Hellman). It consistently made it in our monthly top ten lists of bestsellers, so come get a sense of why and support local graphic novelists like Michel!

Jon Tucker at Drawn & Quarterly

Last night, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was pleased to launch Jon Tucker’s new book PUTZ OF THE CENTURY. Being a frequent contributor to CBC’s Wiretap, the reading was filled with humor and wit, which pleased a full house here at the bookstore. Thank you Jon for such a fun reading, and thanks to Jonathan Goldstein for being a great presenter.

Taras Grescoe launches STRAPHANGER

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting the Montreal launch of Straphanger, Taras Grescoe's new book. Here are some pictures!

Taras is a Montreal-based journalist whose work appears in such publications as The New York Times and National Geographic.

He is the author of the national bestseller The Devil's Picnic; The End of Elsewhere, a book about the horrors of traveling; and Sacré Blues, winner of the Edna Staebler Award, the Quebec Writers' Federation Book Award and the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction. 
The way Copenhagen rolls.

Taras told us about this gorgeous NYC subway station hidden in plain sight

 Thank you Taras for the very engaging presentation and Q&A session, and as always, thanks everyone for coming!  
 If you couldn't make it to the event, come check out Straphanger, everyone's loving it!

Tonight! CBC Wiretap contributor Jon Tucker launches his new book!

Join us for the launch of Jon Tucker’s Putz of the Century. Jon Tucker is a Montreal-based writer and film-maker. He can be heard on "WireTap With Jonathan Goldstein" on CBC Radio One. He'll be introduced by Jonathan, and then he'll do a reading from the book, which is a novel about love, family, and being quick in Montreal.

Friday April 27th at 7 pm at 211 Bernard O. 

Taras Grescoe, tonight!

We are thrilled to have Montrealer Taras Grescoe launching his book here tonight! He'll be reading from his book, Straphanger. He's ridden the rails all over the world, and with Straphanger he uses those experiences to make an elegant and impassioned case for the imminent end of car culture and the coming transportation revolution.

Come out! Come on bike, on foot, and on the STM. 7 pm Thursday April 26th at 211 Bernard O., just a block and a half from the 80 bus stop.  Refreshments and readings! 

P.S Did you hear he's a Quill & Quire cover story? Congrats, Taras!

McSweeney's Grantland #2!

I was twelve years old when I went to the barber by myself for the first time. Feeling the bracing winds of independence, I decided against going to our family's regular shop and instead opted for the tiny one that I passed by on the street every day on my way to school. This shop was almost always empty except for the barber who worked there , an elderly french-Canadian man with a walrus moustache, who sat by the window, smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper all day, every day. I went in, sat in the chair and after I told him what I wanted, he asked me: "do you like d'ockey?" and then gave me a haircut so awful I wept.

The answer to his question, btw, was "no". I don't like hockey. Or soccer. Or football. Or jai alai. Or any other sport, really (though I pretend to like tennis and golf a bit). That said, I 'm not gonna let my aversion to sports or childhood trauma get in the way of my enjoyment of McSweeney's Grantland Quarterly!

Issue #2 has arrived and here's a sampling of what you'll find inside:

Ken Dryden on the end of the NHL headhunter.
"The Art of Seat Poaching" by Shane Ryan.
An oral history 1987's Hagler Vs. Leonard middleweight championship fight by Eric Raskin.
Brian Phillips tackles Tim Tebow madness in "Jesus Christ, Really?"

and it's not all sports! More and more and more....

Bill Simmons on Eddie Murphy's diminishing returns
"Requiem for R.E.M." by Jon Dolan
A short story by Jamie Allen

Grantland really came to play!

Waterlife from Tara Books!

Just in, from Tara Books, publishers of the enormously popular The Night Life of Trees book...

Waterlife by folk-painter Rambharos Jha! Silk-screen printed by hand on handmade paper.

Absolutely beautiful paintings of all kinds of aquatic creatures, an artist's journal of a childhood spent on the banks of the Ganges.

The books are limited and get it while you can!

Brain Activity

Guess who just received a new David Shrigley book? We did! And I am stoked. The book, titled BRAIN ACTIVITY, offers a great overview of Shrigley's twenty year career as an artist who dabbles in cartooning, painting, animation, sculpture, and photography. Furthermore, the book is paired with a beautiful 7” vinyl of his music! In case you’re unfamiliar with the genius of Shrigley, this old school Blur video might be a good introduction to his dark sense of humour. Check it out:

Next week madness: Hood, Cox, FCBD!

Okay so after the Tom Gauld book launch on Wednesday May 2nd, we have not one, not two, but three stellar events to round out the week! Montrealers Andrew Hood and Daniel Allen Cox launch their books on May 4th and 5th respectively, and then May 5th is also Free Comic Book Day. Read on, lucky Mile Enders!

Andrew Hood launches The Cloaca
Friday May 4th, 7 pm

Join us for the launch of Andrew Hood's The Cloaca. He'll be reading from his book and signing books. Come meet the author and celebrate the fifth anniversary of Invisible Publishing. I have heard rumours about some giveaways and C.A.K.E. (or cake, I guess you could call it).

About The Cloaca:
The Cloaca is a collection of contemporary short fiction by award-winning author Andrew Hood. From community flea markets to early-morning encounters with neighbourhood drunks, these strange, almost confessional stories will make you laugh out loud and feel bad later.

For bonus points, read up on some books Andrew DIDN'T publish.

Daniel Allen Cox launches Basement of Wolves
Saturday May 5th, 7 pm

This is our second launch for Lambda Literary, ReLit, and Ferro-Grumley Award finalist Daniel Allen Cox -- we previously hosted him for Krakow Melt. It's the home stop on his four-city tour, so come welcome this Montrealer back into town.

About Basement of Wolves:
Basement of Wolves is a taut, beautifully layered novel about a paranoid actor who feels that fame has ruined him. A work of dream logic, Basement of Wolves is a haunting and cinematic romp through identity crisis.

"A slick, sexy tale about hunger, fame and the lives we live below the surface. Daniel Allen Cox dives deep into the private realms of celebrities and casualties to reveal our appetite for connection."
—Brian Francis, author of Fruit and Natural Order

Free Comic Book Day
Saturday May 6th, 11 am to 7 pm

This year's D+Q Free Comic Book Day comic is a split issue: one half Moominvalley Turns Jungle, one half Anna & Froga! Come out! Juice, cookies, and free comic books all day long!

Tom Gauld launches Goliath Wed. May 2nd

It is my delight to invite you to London-based cartoonist Tom Gauld's book launch for his D+Q book Goliath. Tom Gauld, as well as being a great guy to work on a book with, is also insanely talented, funny, and sharp as a tack. He'll be giving a presentation about his work and signing books, so please, don't miss this one!

Tom Gauld's new book Goliath (preview here) tells the biblical story we're all familiar with, but this time we're looking at it from the Philistines' side of the Valley of Elah. And Goliath isn't much of a fighter, just some guy who happened to be awful big.

Or as the infinitely-more-eloquent Chris Adrian (author of The Great Night and The Children's Hospital) puts it:

"Goliath is as sad and earnest as its hero is tall. In words and images of spare and striking beauty, Tom Gauld describes a world and a life where just showing up is half the misery, and you don't actually have to do anything wrong to merit the wrath of an angry God."

Come out! Wednesday May 2nd, 7 pm, Librairie D+Q (211 Bernard O.). A talk followed by a signing and refreshments.

New Kid's Titles!

Some great new titles for the kids have arrived at Librairie D&Q recently...

The newest installment in Maryrose Wood's the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place saga is here!
The Unseen Guest (the third, following The Mysterious Howling and The Hidden Gallery) follows the exploits of plucky governess Miss Penelope Lumley and her three young charges (Alexander, Beowulf, and Cassiopeia) as they uncover the truth behind new troubles like a runaway ostrich and find themselves smack in the middle of a ghostly séance.

Beautifully illustrated by John Klassen (I Want My Hat Back), the Ashton Place series has been described as "Jane Eyre meets Lemony Snicket" (School Library Journal) and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Adored children's author Mary-Louise Gay also has a brand-new offering, (another third in a series: the Travels with My Family books, co-authored by her husband David Homel) called Summer in the City! In this one, the family decides to stay close to home and vacation in their own city (which happens to be Montreal, FYI).

A new Mo Willems book is always cause for rejoicing and -deservedly so- his books are always a go-to favorite whenever we're called upon to make recommendations down here at 211.

Kids love that hot dog eatin' pigeon and this time around the bird's got a problem that needs attending to: The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

Publisher's Weekly called it "a visual tour-de-force". said "every picture has something fun to see in it, little details that will have your kids scratching their heads...".

It's Magritte's Marvelous Hat by D.B. Johnson!

Hard to show here, but there are transparent pages in the book that, when turned, affect the two-page spreads surrounding them.

Here's a video that shows a little better what's up:

A great book that both entertains and informs young minds.

Last but not least, the incredible Toon Books imprint has a new offering: The Shark King by R. Kikuo Johnson!

Toon Books are wonderful introductions to both reading and to comics and The Shark King is set in Hawaii and tells the story of Nanaue and the shape-shifting shark-god Kamohoalii.
Beautiful illustrations and a compelling fable that will please young ones from grade two and on.

Apartamento #9

Much loved, oft imitated, hotly anticipated....
Apartamento #9 is here!

Silkscreening Workshop coming up!

It's that time again! For those of you who missed out on our previous silkscreening workshops, heads up! This is for you, kids.

Mondays April 30th, May 7th, and May 14th
From 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Now's the time to register for the winter session of our popular silkscreening workshop! This 3-week course with instructor Leyla Majeri will go over the basics of silk screening from start to finish. Participants (ages 15 and up) will go home with a completed project.

The workshop costs $125 for the whole session - this fee covers all supplies needed. Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount on all books at the store for the duration of the workshop.

As always, we encourage you to come reserve your spot at the store with a deposit of $75 as soon as you can, the number of participants is limited!

New š! now in store!

The 10th and newest issue of š! is here!

This one is called Sea Stories and features comics by 29 artists from all over the world (Latvia mostly, but also Lithuania, the United States, Belgium, Japan and more). Click here to find out more about š! and the other publications put out by kuš! comics.

Issue 10 was shipped to us with mini-comics and back issues, and that includes a few copies of the fast-selling issue 9, which we're told is selling out soon! It won the much-coveted Prix de la Bande Dessinée Alternative at Angoulême, so you probably want to catch it before it's gone. Click here to read more about this specific issue.

Record Store Day and a Sale on all Music Books!

This Saturday April 21st is Record Store Day! So we're having a sale on all of our music books! This includes the ever popular 33⅓ series and so, SO much more... Any and all of our music books will be sold with a 15% discount on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd only! 

Let me advise you to come on Saturday if you want to get the most out of RSD by attending the festivities happening next door over at Phonopolis (207 Bernard Ouest)! They're having a store-wide sale (15% off everything except Record Store Day merchandise), free CD giveaways, and Turbo Records will be serving homemade donuts from 1-4pm.

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