April 27: CBC Wiretap contributor Jon Tucker launch

Join us Friday April 27 for the launch of Jon Tucker's novel Putz of the Century. We are pleased to welcome Jon Tucker to Librairie Drawn and Quarterly for what is sure to be a lively and engaging talk. He can be heard on "WireTap With Jonathan Goldstein" on CBC Radio One and is a writer and film-maker based in Montreal. Tucker will read from his book, which is about love, family, and being quick in Montreal.

Friday April 27th at 7 pm at 211 Bernard O. 

Do you remember the ONE MOMENT that changed the direction of your life? Neither does Irving Rosen. He’s not even aware such a moment exists.

He lives his self-centered life to a tee, doing and taking as he pleases without accountability. After two hard trips to prison, Irving isn’t happy with where life has left him off. Things need to change.

He hopes to remarry his ex-wife, in order to divorce her again for a better settlement. This opens up a floodgate of old emotions and new promises, and when Irving's schemes get all tangled up, the family finds itself closer to destruction than ever before.

All he’s ever really wanted was a family. Fortunately, for Irving Rosen, it’s never too late.
(extended description from Smashwords)

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