April Launches bring May... more launches?

Well it's not so catchy as a title, but check this out, y'all! All of this month's events (and one May event snuck in there at the end). All events take place at the Librairie D+Q (211 Bernard O.) at 7 pm. Don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook and Events pages to stay tuned about upcoming events. Or, of course, sign up for our newsletter. And now, for your perusing pleasure...

THURSDAY APRIL 5: Kevin Chong launches My Year of the Racehorse
Join bestselling author Kevin Chong and literary friends Katia Grubisic, Ian McGillis, and Elise Moser for the launch of his new book, My Year of the Racehorse. This is the story of a man, a horse, and a foul-mouthed trainer.

FRIDAY APRIL 6: Adam Levin launches Hot Pink
Adam Levin
will be reading from Hot Pink, a collection of stories about lust and affection, karate and tenderness, slapstickery, ferocity, and heart. This event will be hosted by Melissa Bull.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 11: Double Launch: Anime’s Media Mix and Swift Viewing
Join us for the launch of two ground-breaking studies of popular culture, Anime’s Media Mix: Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan, and Swift Viewing: The Popular Life of Subliminal Influence. Charles Acland and Marc Steinberg are professors at Concordia University, and will be on hand to present their books and answer questions.

THURSDAY APRIL 12: Erin Mouré launches The Unmemntioable
Erin Mouré is a translator and poet based in Montreal. She'll be talking about and reading from her new book-length poem, which delves into the fraught history of Western Ukrainian immigrants in the harshness of the Albertan landscape.

THURSDAY APRIL 19: Double Launch: Johanna Skibsrud and Jessica Moore
This Will Be Difficult to Explain is a new collection of stories from Giller Prize winner Johanna Skibsrud. Jessica Moore will be presenting Turkana Boy, her brand new translation of Jean-François Beauchemin's novel-poem, the first part of which won her a PEN America Award. Skibsrud and Moore will read from their books and answer questions about their work.

SATURDAY APRIL 21: An Evening Celebrating the Greatest—and Final—Literary Form: Fan Fiction
You thought the lips of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were stilled forever? Or Ross Gellar and Rachel Green? Or Columbo and Captain Picard? Wrong! Those characters have plenty left to say. And a group of talented writers will make them (and others) say those things because these characters became our best friends but also our playthings and there is nothing the original creators can do about it. Except sue.

FRIDAY APRIL 27: Jon Tucker launches Putz of the Century 
Join us for the launch of Jon Tucker’s Putz of the Century, a novel about love, family and being quick in Montreal. Jon Tucker is a Montreal-based writer and film-maker. He can be heard on "WireTap With Jonathan Goldstein" on CBC Radio One.

WEDNESDAY MAY 2: Tom Gauld launches Goliath
We are thrilled to have one of Britain’s most popular cartoonists in Montreal to give a presentation about his work, answer questions and sign books. Tom Gauld is on tour to support his new D+Q book Goliath, the David-and-Goliath story as told from the other side of the Valley of Elah.

P.S. No, the fan-fic event is not a Poisson d'Avril. See you here!

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