McSweeney's Grantland #2!

I was twelve years old when I went to the barber by myself for the first time. Feeling the bracing winds of independence, I decided against going to our family's regular shop and instead opted for the tiny one that I passed by on the street every day on my way to school. This shop was almost always empty except for the barber who worked there , an elderly french-Canadian man with a walrus moustache, who sat by the window, smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper all day, every day. I went in, sat in the chair and after I told him what I wanted, he asked me: "do you like d'ockey?" and then gave me a haircut so awful I wept.

The answer to his question, btw, was "no". I don't like hockey. Or soccer. Or football. Or jai alai. Or any other sport, really (though I pretend to like tennis and golf a bit). That said, I 'm not gonna let my aversion to sports or childhood trauma get in the way of my enjoyment of McSweeney's Grantland Quarterly!

Issue #2 has arrived and here's a sampling of what you'll find inside:

Ken Dryden on the end of the NHL headhunter.
"The Art of Seat Poaching" by Shane Ryan.
An oral history 1987's Hagler Vs. Leonard middleweight championship fight by Eric Raskin.
Brian Phillips tackles Tim Tebow madness in "Jesus Christ, Really?"

and it's not all sports! More and more and more....

Bill Simmons on Eddie Murphy's diminishing returns
"Requiem for R.E.M." by Jon Dolan
A short story by Jamie Allen

Grantland really came to play!

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