Festival de BD de Montreal -- THIS WEEKEND!

Look people, torrential downpours aside, it's looking a lot like summer out there. And that means that if you're somewhere other than a park, you're doing things wrong.

With that in mind, totally great Librairie staffers (and double Js) Jade and Julien will be manning our table at the *first ever* Festival de BD de Montreal, at Parc Lafontaine's Espace LaFontaine (see it? it's right there, right in the middle of the park, in that building next to the lake). The festival runs all weekend, from Friday through Sunday. Montreal cartoonists Matt Forsythe, Pascal Girard, Joe Ollmann, and Sherwin Tjia will be in parc to sign their books, plus we're bringing down tons of awesome D+Q and non-D+Q books! We'll be there with a whole host of other great Montreal cartoonists/ publishers/ bookstores, including Michel Rabagliati, Editions Colosse, Librairie Millenium, and more! There will be signings and talks - to get a full schedule, check out http://www.fbdm-montreal.ca/.

And here's our own schedule of opening hours and signings:

Friday June 1st, 1 pm to 9 pm
5-6 pm: Sherwin Tjia (You Are a Cat!The Hipless Boy)

Saturday June 2nd, 10 am to 7 pm
12-1 pm: Matt Forsythe (JinchaloOjingogo)
4-5 pm: Pascal Girard (ReunionBigfoot)

Sunday June 3rd, 10 am to 5 pm
1-2 pm: Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life)

Come on down! Feed some ducks, ride that teeny tiny train around the park, and then stock up on all the summery Montreal comics action you can handle.

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