Gift ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is quickly approaching - May 13th! 
Here are some last minute gift suggestions for those who still need to buy a little something for all the awesome mums out there.

For mothers who are not in a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship but enjoy reading about tumultuous mother-daughter relationships:
In the freshly released Are You my Mother, Alison Bechdel investigates her unstable relationship with her mother in which she attempts to unravel the "nature of emotional attachment and the idea of the ‘self.’"(Meghan O'Rourke in Slate) This book is great as its certainly personal yet really delves into the complex relationship we have with our mothers.

For the art-lover mother:
Art books by Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, and Francesca Woodman would surely delight. All three of these are winners, but we have tons more to satisfy the varying tastes of art-lovers.

For the literary mother:
How about a new edition of her favorite book? We've got many new editions of classics, but this embroidered cover by Rachell Sumpter of Little Women is pretty charming. (Remember Jillian Tamaki's gorgeous embroidered covers?)

For the poetic mother:
This little book of love poems by Pablo Neruda would make such a lovely gift to give to your partner after the kids have gone to bed.
 For the mother who listens to same album over and over and over again:
The 33 1/2 series is great as it focuses in on one seminal or significant album and engages with it in a really personal and enlightening manner. With 86 books so far (Jonathan Lethem's Fear of Music is the latest discussing the Talking Heads 1979 album), one is sure to hit your mom in exactly the right spot.  I especially like this one by Philip Shaw on Patti Smith's Horses.

For the mother who cooks because she she actually loves cooking (not because she was or wants to be a 1950s housewife):
We have so many great cookbooks, but you can't go wrong under the direction of Ferran Adria with his bible The Family Meal. Just think of all the new tasty meals that your mother (or partner or sister or aunt or bff) will be able to treat you with. Everyone wins with food.
For the new mother:
She probably won't get a baby journal for herself (I didn't. I should have!), so it's up to you to push her towards documenting those first couple years. Nikki McClure's baby journal is an obvious favorite.

For the rocker mother:
  Why not give her a book on her former (current?) rocker years? For example, perhaps she will transmorph before your eyes into her former riot grrl self as she reads Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus.

For the fashion-obsessed mother:
Mother of all fashion magazines, Purple Fashion Magazine, is ideal for the mom who looks as good at museum openings as she does working in the compost.

For the mother-nature type of mother:
Does the mom in your life spend all her time in the garden or going for hikes or climbing trees? Illustrated by Leanne Shapton, The Native Trees of Canada, is a book packed with beautiful watercolor renderings of leaves and firs. This books really works in pinpointing and accentuating the subtle beauty found in nature.

For the mystic mother:
  Does she look at your palm and see that you will have decided to take up professional archery in four years? Does she see symbolism in the ring or necklace you casually decided to wear one morning? Is she a witch?  The Book of Symbols! Pages and pages of objects and characters who have developed a strong sense of meaning throughout our history.

For the mother who always has a notebook on her:
We have tons of notebooks in shop but these compact notebooks of old Penguin Press book covers are especially fantastic. You could get her a notebook looking like a book she's long desired. Julia Rothman's pack of 3 retro notebooks is another good choice.

For the mother who never forgets to write a thank you note:
  Illustrated by Claire Rojas, From My Garden is a beautiful stationary kit with 16 blank cards, ready to be written with a mom's warm words.

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