Kids Day with Virginia Wolf

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting the first Librairie D+Q Kid's Day of the summer! Woop woop! Launching the children's book Virginia Wolf, written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Montrealer Isabelle Arsenault, D+Q staffer Julien read the French version (with a great growly voice for the "wolf") and Peggy followed in reading the English version (with such great pizzazz).

Afterwards, Isabelle instigated a fun activity with the kids giving them materials to make either their own set of wolf ears or a bow to sit atop their head.
All in all, good times! Let's do it again sometime, kids.

Julien reading from Virginia Wolf
Isabelle signing the book while kids cut out their awesome headpieces.
At last! Wolf ears!
Ah, such pleasant wolves.
Gigi = goofy wolf.

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