Luke Pearson's Hilda!

From beloved UK publisher Nobrow Press we have the second installment in Luke Pearson's Hilda series: Hilda and the Midnight Giant!

HatMG is the wonderfully drawn story of Hilda, who lives in a quiet valley with her mom and Twig (her antlered, fox-like pet). Their lives are thrown into turmoil by stone-throwing, invisible, and previously undetected creatures who want the family to relocate. Tough li'l Hilda decides she isn't going to go without a fight and embarks on an adventure to uncover the reasons for which she is being unceremoniously evicted. And there's also the shadowy figure of a giant she keeps seeing at night. Recommended for both neophyte and veteran readers, HatMG is one of my personal favorites of 2012 so far. Mysterious and funny, this deserves as wide a readership as it can get.

Also in: Hildafolk! A newly reprinted edition of the first book in Hilda & Twig's adventures.

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