Michel Rabagliati's The Song of Roland

Conundrum Press' English edition of the award-winning Paul à Québec (Michel Rabagliati) has made its way to the store! Its French edition won the FNAC Audience Award at France’s Angoulême festival, a Shuster Award for Outstanding Cartoonist, and was nominated for the City of Montreal’s Grand Prize, and the Audience Award at Montreal’s Salon du Livre.

The translation is done by Helge Dascher, the translator of cartoonists David B., Baru, Guy Delisle, Dupuy & Berberian, Loustal, Michel Rabagliati and Stanislas, among others. Retitled The Song of Roland, this book centers around the life and death of the father-in-law of Rabagliati’s alter-ego Paul. People have cried reading it.

A live-action adaptation is currently in the works, with François Bouvier directing and Karine Vanasse part of the production team.

The latest book in Rabalgiati's Paul series is Paul au Parc, currently available in French here at Librairie D+Q!

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