A Naked Singularity.

A Naked Singularity by Sergio De La Pava

Comparisons to Pynchon, Lethem and D.F. Wallace abound in reviews for this, the second book from De La Pava ("a writer who does not live in Brooklyn"). Singularity was self-published in 2008 and found itself tucked into so many admiring hands, and so praised wildly that it's now been republished by University of Chicago press.
A "legal thriller" that absolutely transcends the genre, below is an excerpt from the review that convinced U of C to publish it:
"The first 300 pages of A Naked Singularity are a joy to read—frequently very funny, insightful, gripping—for in those 300 pages it’s never entirely clear where, if anywhere, the narrative is going, but then around page 300 you start to get suspicions of what is going to happen and then when it clicks, you realize that De La Pava, in a purposely meandering and thorough manner, has been setting up the final 400 pages, which are an explosion and immensely difficult to stop reading. It’s a masterful display. In the end, it’s a thriller for people who can’t abide mass-market tripe—a wonderfully-written genre novel that’s too smart for its genre."

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