Clarice Lispector

Often described as an icon of Brazilian literature and the most important Jewish writer since Kafka, Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) fascinates. Same goes for this beautiful collection of Lispector books put out by New Direction Press. Now, I'm not about to encourage you to by all four of the newly translated Lispector books based purely on how good they look together. But let's be honest: they look goosebumpingly great together.

Releasing her surprising first novel, Near to the Wild Heart (1943), New Directions also releases, in addition to two others, her posthumous built-out-of-fragments final novel, A Breath of Life (1978). Head over to New Directions where they link to numerous essays and features on her life and work. Worth it.

If you'll excuse me, I have some Lispector reading to do.

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