Gift ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is a couple weeks away -- June 17th!
Do you have a gift for your dear Father yet? Your Papa? Your Baba, Pop's, Dad, Daddykins?  If not, here are some suggestions on what he'll be most likely to tear up over as you present him with your carefully-chosen and thoughtful gift.*

For the father who is mad (MAD!) for type:
We have several type-based books in shop, but Typoholic is new and succulent.** Displaying the mutation of simple font into physical  form, Typoholic shows you how malleable and transformative type can be.

For the father who thinks he's a street artist:
These two small books on Banksy's street art, Locations & Tours Vol.1 + Vol.2, can be good introductions to the diverse work of international masked superstar Banksy. But perhaps they are better served as reference to Banksy's techniques and how he really utilizes the structures of the urban landscape to get his message across. In any case: fun.

For the philosophical father:
 Released by beloved Semiotext(e), Gilles Deleuze From A to Z, is a film of Deleuze in conversation with Claire Parnet (journalist and former student) in which he goes through each letter of the alphabet and delves into words or themes evoked by each letter. As much fun as it is to read Deleuze, isn't it better to just watch the man speak at ease?

For the poetic father:
Did your father frequently ask you in the form of a poem to do your chores? Did he read Walt Whitman to you every night instead of your preferred Robert Munsch? ...yeah, me neither. But my dad still likes a solid poem, and Leonard Cohen is one of the best. He'll love this Everyman's Library Pocket Poets compilation of Cohen's poems.

For the sports dad:
Grantland Quarterly (issue 2) features the best writing from, the much-respected sports and culture website. Published by McSweeney's and filled with writing by the likes of Bill Simmons (editor), Chad Harboch (Art of Fielding, anyone?), Don DeLillo, Malcom Gladwell, and Chuck Klosterman, this issue is sure the please the most avid of sports dads.

For the father who always tried to get you to be as obsessed with Donald Duck as he was as a kid:
The premier release in a series of volumes dedicated to reprinting Carl Barks classic Donald Duck comics, Lost in the Andes will bring Pops way back to when he was a youngin'. You and he will commence new adventures as a reinterpreted version of Donald and his nephews.

For the architectural father with his architectural glasses:***
 Based on the website, The BLDGBLOG Book offers ideas on what our architectural future will look like. And because he put it so eloquently, I am going to quote Errol Morris from the back of the book: Geoff Manaugh has provided the reader with an excursion into a new world--part digital fantasy, part reality at the intersection of art, architecture, landscape design, and pure ideas.
For the fantastical father:
Originally serialized in Yummy Fur, Ed the Happy Clown has been newly released by D+Q as a beautiful, hefty hardcover book. "A hallucinatory tale that functions simultaneously as a dark roller-coaster ride of criminal activity and a scathing condemnation of religious and political charlatanism." (to quote D+Q) To put simply, this book includes fucked-up shit. Not for the fain-of-heart. 

For the New Yorker reading dad:
Edited by the mega-charming Fran├žoise Mouly, Blown Covers: New Yorker covers you were never meant to see shows us all the wonderful New Yorker covers we missed out on for the past 18 years that Mouly has been art editor at the magazine. From sex to politics to religion and everything in between, I wish we saw covers like this all the time.

For the sci-fi dad:
Coming from HiLo Books Radium Age Science Fiction series ("From the era 1904-33, Radium Age science fiction gave the genre enduring tropes like the superman, the eco-catastrophe, the robot rebellion, and the telepath." - HiLo Books, taking the initiative to create their own classification of science fiction), I present you Jack London's classic 1912 novel The Scarlet Plague. Influencing the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genre that we are so familiar with today, London tells the story of a catastrophe event that occurs in 2013. Fingers crossed it doesn't come true.

For the manly, meaty dad:
 Presenting a guide to butchery in all it's gory detail, Whole Beast Butchery: The Complete Visual Guide to Beef, Lamb, and Pork is for the carnivoriest of carnivores. The best possible outcome in gifting this book is that you will be treated with countless delicious meals from Dad; the worst possible outcome is that Dad will start killing and butchering all animals in his periphery.
For the father who really wants to like history:
Kate Beaton's sharp comics in Hark! A Vagrant make history and literature seem like the best, funnest thing ever. Taking on Napoleon, LBJ, Dracula, and the Borgias, Beaton is scared of no one. Also included as prisoner's of Beaton's wit: Aquaman, Marie-Antoinette, pirates, Edgar Allen Poe, Little Red Riding hood, and Fitzgerald.

For the father who enjoys a pleasant Father's Day card:
Look at these wonderful Father's Day cards we have in shop! Printed by Fugu Fugu Press and Chelleline Cards we have a small but charming selection of cards for you to write your "roses are red..." poems inside. 

* Not guaranteed.
** My apologies if the word succulent causes a disarming "juicy" visual. I was going for the "rich in interest" definition of the word.
*** He doesn't have to wear architectural glasses to enjoy this book. It's fine.

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