Joe Sacco x 2

The world of comics has been on a roll lately, releasing one exciting title after the other. In case my “to read” pile wasn’t stacked high enough, two more titles just got added to the list, courtesy of the great graphic journalist Joe Sacco.

First is JOURNALISM, a collection of Sacco’s freelance pieces that span the globe, with stories from Malta, India, Bosnia, and the Gaza strip. Also included are new works that are sure to gain some media attention, where the author investigates the war in Iraq and the grim reality of detainee torture. While Sacco’s stories aren’t for the faint of heart, the author’s refusal to shy away from injustice and violence is precisely what makes him one of the most important cartoonist and international correspondent of our time. 

 Am I seeing right... Joe Sacco in COLOUR?!?!

Next is Joe Sacco's DAYS OF DESTRUCTION, DAYS OF REVOLT, a work produced in collaboration with foreign correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges. The book focuses on the impact of big corporations on the American landscape, where the exploitation of individuals and the environment is falsely carried out in the name of profit and progress. This marks an interesting shift for Sacco, who usually concentrates on foreign affairs.


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