Matrix Mag's LitPOP Contest

We have a bit of a history with Matrix Magazine. We've long stocked the magazine itself, and we've also hosted a few events with Matrix contributors, including editor Jon Paul Fiorentino. It's a great little magazine, and they're hosting a pretty sweet contest for poets and prose writers alike. Click here for details. Basically if you win, you receive a round-trip ticket to POP Montreal, accommodation, a VIP pass to POP, AND the winner/winning poem will open for a rock band during the festival. Madness!

Some quotes about the contest:

"This is the only conceivable way for a poet to get a groupie."-- Jon Paul Fiorentino, Editor

"A once in a lifetime opportunity for poets and short story writers to not be abject failures!" -- Jon Paul Fiorentino, Editor

"Poetry doesn't belong in books. It belongs in mosh pits." -- Shannon Tien, former awesome D+Q intern (and awesome all around person) and most probably awesome Matrix contributing editor

Get crackin' peeps, the deadline is July 1st!

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