Montreal's Cartoonfest! Librairie D+Q hosts New Yorker contributors Matt Diffee and Barry Blitt!

Maybe you already know about our totally rad event hosting Barry Blitt and Matt Diffee, New Yorker contributors extraordinaire. But did you know that they're here in large part thanks to a convention of editorial cartoonists happening this weekend? This weekend Montreal is hosting the ACEC (Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists)'s 2012 Convention, Cartoonfest. We've gotten ourselves all wrapped up in this awesome weekend. Below I only list a few of the events, but be sure to explore their site for more fun.

Tomorrow from 10 am to noon, there will be a feature chat at the McCord Museum with presentations by Jaleen Grove, Chris Oliveros, Pascal Girard, Wes Tyrell, and Michel Choquette. (Psst, the museum has an exhibit on editorial cartooning right now!)

Jaleen Grove is a historian of Canadian and American illustration. Her talk, "The Other Art History," focuses on the importance work from the past can have for later generations of artists. She'll also speak about the relationship between cartooning and illustration.

D+Q founder and publisher Chris Oliveros will be presenting about the history and future of Drawn & Quarterly. He'll be highlighting some of our most exciting recent and forthcoming titles. Then the delightful Pascal Girard will speak about his award-winning books and his work as a graphic storyteller.

Toronto cartoonist, illustrator, and designer Wes Tyrell will speak about his forthcoming graphic novel, Fidel and I, which will detail his experiences living in Cuba during the eighties and nineties. Michel Choquette will close off the event with a bilingual presentation on his book The Someday Funnies, a collection of comics which represent the zeitgeist of the 1960s, with work from such wide-ranging luminaries as Jack Kirby, Frank Zappa, and Federico Fellini.

THEN, at 6 pm, we are delighted to host a duo of New Yorker contributors at the Librairie D+Q. Check it!

New York-based artists Barry Blitt and Matthew Diffee will be giving presentations on their work and their experiences contributing to (and being rejected by) the New Yorker, as cover artists and cartoonists respectively. Unfortunately, Anita Kunz will no longer be attending or presenting at this event. We will have copies of her books available for sale.

The evening will be hosted by Terry Mosher (also known as Montreal Gazette editorial cartoonist Aislin). The talks will be followed by a signing session, with Blitt signing Blown Covers: New Yorker cover you were never meant to see and Diffee signing The Best of the Rejection Collection: 293 cartoons that were too dumb, too dark, or too naughty for the New Yorker. That's at 6 pm tomorrow night, Saturday June 30th, at the Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard O.

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