A New Book by Eileen Myles

Since her visit in 2010 for the launch of her novel Inferno, the staff here has been smitten by Eileen Myles. She is a captivating, smart and fearless voice, and writer Denis Cooper adds a bunch more adjectives to the list: "honest, jokey, paranoid, sentimental, mean, lyrical, tough, you name it."

Her new collection of poetry, Snowflake / different streets is a two-in-one-kind-of-a-deal: Snowflake collects new poems, while different streets collects "newer" poems.

Myles is not afraid of life, and her writing transmits just that, life and will on the road, in lonesome reflections, in bed, everywhere, basically. The poems in these two books are noticeably tall, from far they can look like shopping lists. I'm sure even her shopping lists deserve a book. Here's an excerpt:


yes Ernie
why can you
have junk
food & I 
cannot. Why can 
you have a
giant plate
of pasta 
and I can 
no longer have 
my crunchy
treats Why 
am I served 
up a cold
fish plate. 
you're not 
so thin 
I know.

We're always stocking as much of her books as possible, that includes Cool for You (I die for this cover), The Importance of Being Iceland, Not Me and the excellent anthology The New Fuck You, which she co-edited.

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