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Sunday, 10 June 2012

New issues of Cabinet and the Believer in store!

We've just recently received the most recent issues of two of my favourite magazines, Cabinet and the Believer! I couldn't help leafing through them even though I am waiting for my own subscription copies to arrive at my apartment...

Cabinet, the ever-intriguing quarterly of apocrypha, esoterica and art, delivers a GAMES-themed spring 2012 issue. Have a look:

Images from a 1969 brochure about play cubes for children

A colourful variety of "dexterity games", or "palm puzzles" of the ages

And, fittingly for the "red-and-black square" activists among us, on the theme of class war and anti-capitalist movements: 1978 game "Class Struggle", the only socialist game to ever be mass-produced in the U.S., from an interview piece with the creator of "Class Struggle" himself!

Also in this issue of Cabinet: a 1921 dadaist trial analyzed and illuminated, complete with a transcription (translated from the original French); an exploration of Oblique Strategies, a fluxus card game containing "over 100 worthwhile dilemmas"; an extract from a book on "games of lamentation", the often uproarious amusements enacted at the traditional Irish wake; and much more besides!   

The June 2012 issue of the Believer is packed with the usual absorbing assortment of articles, interviews, and reviews (including a review of our very own Chester Brown's recent Paying For It!).

Images from a piece on the growing interest in using Google Images pictures in art

A comic-strip history of the Harley Davidson, by Tim Lane

Also in this issue: poets Wayne Koestenbaum, Matthew Rohrer, and Rachel Zucker discuss breakfast, and the taboo status of domesticity in art; Bill Cotter valiantly sets out to define "important literature"; Shawn Nelson Schmitt on Deaf culture; Simon Rich in interview with... Simon Rich; and so much more!

Come on by and get your copies! What else are you going to read on a blanket in a park with your sunglasses on?

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