Upcoming launch for English language Colosse/Export books: Pinkerton, In Situ, and Melanies!

Montreal-based Colosse (www.collectioncolosse.com - check it out, seriously, it is a sight for sore eyes!) has been publishing beautiful, lovingly crafted "ephemeral print runs of experimental comics, essays and sketchbooks from (mostly) Québécois authors", since 2002. Up until now, they've been publishing in French (and we've been carrying many of their titles in the store!); luckily for you English-language readers out there, they have now created the Colosse/Export collection, which is in English!

To celebrate this, and the recent publication of three Colosse/Export books, Pinkerton, In Situ, and Melanies, the Drawn and Quarterly Bookstore is hosting an evening of comics reading on Thursday, June 28m, at 7pm, with the following awesome and talented Colosse artists: Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and François Samson Dunlop (Pinkerton), Sophie Yanow (In Situ), Julie Delporte (Le dernier kilomètre), David Turgeon (Melanies, Les pièces détachées), and Vincent Giard (Le wagon engourdi, Les pièces détachées).

Sophie Yanow's In Situ No. 2 is a continuation of her daily comics, whose earlier incarnations were published as the first ever Colosse/Export title and delved into her experiences as a cartoonist in her hometown of Oakland, and her current location, Montreal, where she was the artist in residence at the Maison de la Bande Dessiné de Montréal in 2011. In the French section of the store, you will find the first In Situ!

David Turgeon's Melanies is a "tiny, tiny tale" in comic form, that is perhaps in the vein of "ancient Czech animated film". What's not to love? David Turgeon lives in Montreal, where he pursues various artistic endeavours, of which comics is only one! He has published several comics with Colosse in addition to Melanies, in both French and English. In the French section of our store, you will find Salon du livre, and a couple of issues of Pièces détachées.

Pinkerton, already a hit in its French edition, is written and drawn with shameless Weezer-nerd hilarity and wit by François Samson Dunlop and Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau. It is "an indie-rock rom-com", described in the French edition as being "hardly emo" - "more Pavement than Death Cab, more Clerks than Singles". The protagonists dissect Weezer's seminal album by going methodically through each track, one by one, through the lens of their own love(lorn) lives. Subtitle: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Pop Music. A worthy goal, to be sure.

All this and more next Thursday evening! Hope to see you there!

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