A little known fact about Flannery O'Connor

Boy was I surprised to find out that Flannery O’Connor originally set out to be a cartoonist. That’s right, the same Flannery O’Connor who would later be known for her literary works on the American south and Catholicism actually started her young career by creating cartoons in ink and linocuts. In terms of artistic ability, she’s far from the genius of woodcut and linocut artists Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward, and Giocomo Patri. Yet considering how O’Connor produced these works during her teenage years, there is some undeniable talent here.

Left: "Isn't it fortunate that Genevieve has completely escaped that boy-crazy stage?"
Right: "You don't mind if I get comfortable, do you?"

Left: "Gosh, we're glad to be back."
Right: "Do you think teachers are necessary?"

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