Colosse/export Launch

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the launch for Colosse/export, the line of English-language comics put out by local small press Colosse. Here are some pictures of this delightful evening of comics reading!

Sophie Yanow and Vincent Giard give a small introductory speech
David Turgeon reads from his now out of print Salon du Livre

Store friend Julie Delporte showed some of her most recent creations

Such as this letter-zine (or zine-letter?)
Here is comedic duo Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Francois Samson Dunlop
They read an excerpt of the English translation of their hit comic Pinkerton
Everyone loves a good pie chart.
Here is Vincent Giard
Vincent read the funny and weird captions accompanying his stunning artwork
Sophie Yanow ended the evening with a reading from the very funny In Situ 2

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