Phew. The tail end of last week was jam packed with events at the Librairie. And these weren't just any hum-drum events. They were EXCITING, FESTIVE, and EYE-BROW-RAISING events, attended by the finest of D+Q's glitterati.

MICHEL RABAGLIATI launches The Song of Roland and
CLAIRE SERINGHAUS launches The Blaring House
Thursday July 19, 2012
Conundrum Press publisher Andy Brown starts off the night by introducing everyone to Claire Seringhaus, author of the gothic and absurd The Blaring House.
Seringhaus delighted everyone with her talk as she presented excerpted images from her book. Her pen and graphite drawings are funny, charming, and completely off-kilter.
Then the Québec legend himself, Michel Rabagliati, takes the stage! Presenting the latest volume of his PAUL series, The Song of Roland (original French title: Paul à Québec), Rabagliati gives a thoughtful and satisfying talk to the audience on his creative process.
Visual evidence of Rabagliati's thoughtfulness during his talk.
At the end of the evening, the two artists spend time to sign books for their devoted fans. Cheers to a great night!
GUY DELISLE launches Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City
Friday July 20, 2012

Chris Oliveros, forever to be known as The Chief, starts the evening off with a grand introduction to the work of Guy Delisle. It's when ones career is put into the tight framework of a 5mins intro of accomplishments and awards that you really remember how influential and noteworthy Delisle's work has been.
Delisle takes the stage and gives a thorough talk on his series of travel-biography books. He disappointed many by saying that Jerusalem will likely be his last of the ilk, but mentioned a couple of new and different books he has coming out in the near future.
Improvising his presentation, Deslisle used examples of panels from past books to answer questions and refer to points he was making. He discussed how translated editions of his books often interpret his books completely differently then how he would have expected, showing us a diverse collection of his translated book covers.
After the talk, Delisle sits to sign books as his fans form a long yet giddy line.
He drew a picture in each and every book for about an hour. So even the last person in line received a surprising treat. All in all, great event!

JESSICA CAMPBELL launches My Sincerest Apologies
Saturday July 21, 2012
Peggy Burns got on stage to bid farewell to our dear Jessica Campbell, the D+Q Design Manager. Jessica is moving to Chicago, so this event was a going away party as well as a launch for her zine My Sincerest Apologies.
Jessica was on fire as she showed pages from her zine and added quick one-liner jokes. JOKES! This event was all jokes and it was hysterical in the best possible sense.
Jessica has the crowd in the palm of her hands, as they giggled their night away.
And after the event, the hip crowd migrates outside where they can cool off (from their hotness and from the humid indoor heat).
Here is Jessica at the end of the night holding the gift given to her on stage by Peggy earlier in the evening on behalf on the D+Q staff. It's the original art of the new front and back cover of Lynda Barry's Freddie Stories that D+Q will be releasing November 2012! Good Luck Jessica! All the best in the US of A.

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