Hot hot July event round-up!

July is shaping up to be an event-packed month, you guys!

Here is a helpful round-up of readings, launches, parties, schmoozing opportunities happening at the Drawn and Quarterly Store (211 Bernard ouest) in the coming weeks. Get out your smartphones/google cals/agendas/paper scraps/personal scribes/voice recorders, and get this all down!

Friday July 13, 7pm - Pasha Malla launches his debut novel, People Park

Pasha Malla joins us from Toronto to launch his brand new book, People Park! It is already racking up critical acclaim, like his previous short story collection, The Withdrawal Method. The author will give a reading and will be signing books. Local writer Anna Leventhal (The Art of Trespassing) will host the event. For more info about this launch, check out this recent post!

Thursday July 19, 7pm - Conundrum double launch, with Michel Rabagliati and Claire Seringhaus

Join us for this exciting double launch from Conundrum Press! Quebec comics star Michel Rabagliati will launch The Song of Roland (translated from the original French by Helge Dascher), his latest in the adored Paul series, which follows the life and death of Paul's father-in-law. He will be onstage with Montreal comics artist and enthusiast Rupert Bottenberg, and will discuss his creative process, among other things.

Quotes of praise (gleaned from the TCAF website):

“Paul is a comic book character who is stirring up ever more fervour in Quebec with each new book detailing his life. He has become much more popular than Asterix, than any American superhero.”
– Toronto Star

“A formidable ode to life that reminds us of the importance of knowing how to say goodbye”
– La Presse

“A novel that goes straight to the heart”
– Le Soleil

“His stories are personally revealing but gentle, full of kind people with common problems… Rabagliati employs a light, curvy drawing style and episodic plotting that overtly recalls Herge’s Tintin adventures.”
— The Onion

Claire Seringhaus, Halifax-based artist, will be launching her book The Blaring House, which collects a selection of her turn-of-the-century-catalogue style pen and graphite drawings, ranging from the whimsical to the humorously absurd. The artist, in her own words, is: "tall, dark, and handsome, enjoys overdressing for social engagements, and very much wishes she owned a green velvet chaise longue". You can check out her sketchblog for a preview of her work!

This is a seriously awesome double bill, everyone. Do not miss!

Friday July 20, 7pm - Guy Delisle's Quebec homecoming! Jerusalem slide show and book signing

We are very pleased to be welcoming Guy Delisle (Burma Chronicles, Pyongyang, Shenzhen) back to his home province of Quebec to promote his most recent, prize-winning comic travelogue, Jerusalem: Chronicles From the Holy City (English translation by Helge Dascher). Jerusalem, written and drawn by Delisle while he, his partner Nadège, and their two children, were living in the city for a year (Nadège was working with Médecins Sans Frontiers in Gaza), has enjoyed international success, and won the prestigious Fauve d'Or at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

The Telegraph's Rupert Christiansen calls Jerusalem "a wonderfully candid book, which makes the situation’s hideously insoluble complexities more vividly understandable than anything else I have encountered".

"Jerusalem provides both an excellent introduction to the conflict in the Middle East and a fascinating close-up of what it’s like to live in the most sacred city in the world. With so much to see and learn about, Jerusalem was always going to be his longest work, but it’s his juxtaposition of the various points of view — Israeli, Palestinian, Christian, that of Médecins Sans Frontières, and his own — that makes it his best."

Delisle will be presenting a slide show, and signing books for you all! This is a not-to-be-missed event!

Guy Delisle's visit in collaboration with the Festival de la BD francophone de Québec.

Saturday July 21, 7pm - Drawn and Quarterly's Jessica Campbell launches My Sincerest Apologies, says goodbye

Jessica Campbell has finally compiled a selection of her 4am (illustrated!) apology emails for your reading pleasure into an easily discarded paper format that you might read and be rid of them in quick succession. They are very funny. Join her on this night that she might read them to you. Or potentially read something else. Or potentially perform her impressive high kicks, which perhaps her sister might insist are not impressive but which, I assure you, are very impressive.

It is also her leaving-Montreal goodbye party, so you should probably wear some appropriate party garb!

Friday July 27, 7pm - Moshe Kasher launches Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16

LA comedian on the rise, Moshe Kasher, will be in town for Juste Pour Rire. We were lucky enough to snag him to do a launch for his new memoir, Kasher in the Rye, at the store, while he's here! Not for the faint of heart, Kasher in the Rye sees Kasher deftly pulling humour from the tough and sometimes horrific situations of his childhood and adolescence in Oakland - before the age of 16, when he decided to get sober, he had already gone through stints in therapy, rehab and jail. 

"Written in Kasher's distinctly witty and often frantic narrative voice, the book [is]... not so much a redemption story as it is a comical reflection on a past life, one that Kasher left behind after getting sober at 16."
- LA Weekly

"Although the title is a tip of the yarmulke to his distinguished predecessor, Kasher's memoir is a worthy addition to the overly packed memoir genre, somewhere between Augusten Burroughs and "Junkie,"William S. Burroughs' ode to dope fiends. Kasher doesn't take things quite that far, but his descriptions of his "drug-filled journey through the harrowing years of my youth," while riotously funny, are also searingly truthful."- San Francisco Chronicle

Kasher's stand-up comedian chops have me thinking that this will be a highly engaging evening!

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