♥♥ Love and Rockets ♥♥

About six years ago, I received two comic books as a Christmas gift: Daniel Clowes’ GHOST WORLD and the Drawn & Quarterly's SHOWCASE #3. I never read comics as a kid, and was totally blown away by these titles. I quickly made my way to my neighbourhood comic book shop (the great Millenium) and picked up Jaime Hernandez’s MAGGIE THE MECHANIC out of the blue. And that was it... I was in love. In a matter of a few weeks, I had read pretty much the whole series from both brothers. Fast forward a few years and my interest in the Hernandez Bros got even more serious, as I completed my Master’s thesis on Jaime’s portion of the Love and Rockets series and wrote an encyclopedia entry for Gilbert's SLOTH. That's right, I’m that big of a fan. Why all the nostalgia? Well, pretty much to explain my utter and absolute excitement when my awesome co-workers surprised me yesterday with the coolest gift ever, all the way from the San Diego Comic Con. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES #5, signed by ALL THREE BROTHERS!!!

On right, from top to bottom: Jaime, Mario, and Gilbert.

As if this wasn’t generous enough, they got me a really rad L&R t-shirt to boot. I seriously had a smile plastered on my face all day. I read the new issue this morning and it was incredible. Beto presents us with another dark tale from Palomar, and Jaime brings back the "too cool for school" Frogmouth Vivian for an exceptional tale about some mafioso cats. After all these years, the Hernandez Brothers continue to knock it out of the park with some of the best work in the industry.

Although LOVE AND ROCKETS NEW STORIES #5 will only be released in September, fret not, I have been doing my very best to keep the store stocked with all things Love and Rockets, including Jaime’s recent GODS AND SCIENCE: RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS and Gilbert's THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS. If you are new to the series, come and talk to me at the store and I'll gladly help you with some recommendations!

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