Moshe Kasher: Librairie D+Q gets a little laugh-y

This Friday July 27th we are delighted to host a reading with stand-up comedian Moshe Kasher, who Variety Mag has put on their list of '10 comics to watch 2012.' They say: "After years of sharing crazy stories onstage, Moshe Kasher agreed to try something different. The comic arranged the outrageous details of his upbringing into a published memoir, Kasher in the Rye."

And we get to profit from this! Leading up to a few events at the Just For Laughs FestivalMoshe Kasher will be reading from Kasher in the Rye at the Librairie D+Q this Friday, July 27th, at 7 pm! 

Publishers Weekly described Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of  a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, a Mental Patient, and Then Turned Sixteen as a "memoir of high-octane intensity," saying that "although Kasher in print is not as funny as his hilarious stand-up routines, he writes with an imaginative flair and a razor-edge ferocity."

Now, I know we all like to really study up before a book launch, so check out this A.V. Club interview from earlier this year. I have a couple friends who are stand-up comics, and so some of what they talk about within the interview is familiar to me, but I honestly had never thought about whether the zeitgeist allows for sincerity in a time of so much irony, or how stand-up culture can be a fascinating reflection of contemporary society.

But finally, the real reason you should come on Friday is because, let's face it, authors aren't always performers, but stand-up-comics-turned-authors certainly friggin' are, and this promises to be a rollickin' good time.

See you here!

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