New š!

I don't remember ever receiving mail in a bag like this before, so it was quite special when the postman dropped one off this morning, and it was from Latvia no less... You guessed it, it's a new shipment from our friends over at Balkan small press kuš! Shall we proceed to an unboxing, quasi-live-blogging style?

BAM! Pocket-sized comics well preserved in saran wrap. We've got back issues of their kuš! and š! anthologies, as well as...

... the brand new š!! This eleventh issue features 27 international and Latvian contributors with comics on the theme of "artventure." Here's a small preview of what's inside:

Two pages by Jean de Wet (South Africa), some panels remind me of the wonderful Ron Regé - I love it!

Colors! This is Drifting Blur by Simon H (Austria).


And that's not all, the box also came with free postcards, illustrated by Roope Eronen and D+Q artist Amanda Vähämäki - come get them before we run out!

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