Pictures from Pasha Malla's People Park launch!

Many braved the mounting heat last night to attend Pasha Malla's launch of his first novel, People Park, and were well rewarded for their efforts! Pasha read an engrossing excerpt from the new book, then engaged in some thought provoking discussion with host Anna Leventhal on how to write about violence, whether writers have a more direct link to "the truth" than non-writers, and what "community" really is (or isn't), among other things.

Evidence of event fun:

A tantalizing section of People Park is read aloud by the author

Serious discussion ensues

Punctuated by lighter moments!

Hilarity, even!

The audience, enthralled

It was a beautiful evening. Thank you to everyone who attended! We have copies of People Park in the store - I suggest you come get one if you haven't already!

Do not miss our other July in-store events! A handy list is available here.

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