Pure Green

Listen up! There's a new magazine in town. Based out of Ontario, Pure Green Magazine is an independent publication that aims to share products, ideas, recipes, decor, DIY projects, etcetera orbiting around green and eco-conscious living. Let's take a look inside, shall we...

Vol. 3, the latest issue of the mag, teaches us how to make the chilled ice tea beverage of the summer. Offering two methods, "Sun Brew" and "Cold Brew", they ensure you will never go thirsty or sweaty again.

Further on in the magazine you'll find a foolproof guide to a Qu├ębec-style picnic. Including local cheeses, preserves, and meats, you will be envied by all of those around you on Parc Lafontaine who suffer with a lone hard baguette and goat cheese to feast on.

As Vol. 3 is centered on the Great Outdoors, Pure Green Magazine provides us with a "planishere". Made to be cut out and directed towards the dark dark sky, a planishere helps to pinpoint all the various constellations. I'm hoping this tool will be able to help me finally find my illusive Hercules.

Remember how you went canoeing that one time but it was awful because you didn't know how to properly row your paddles? You just sat there floating whichever way the water decided to take you. No more. From the Forward Stroke to the Draw (moves canoe sideways) to the Sweep or C Stroke (turns the canoe), you will learn to maneuver that canoe like a symphony. Or at least like a whistle.

Finally, this recipe looks fantastic. They look like dandelions, they are called Monkey Pops, and there is coconut and banana involved. This is precisely what I am going to eat for dinner tonight.

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