This weekend! Guy Delisle in-store and a fond farewell to D+Q's Jessica Campbell!

Look, I'll admit it, I definitely thought the party was over with the end of Comic Con, but this weekend we have two pretty durn amazing events at the Librairie D+Q. Join us tonight for the launch of Guy Delisle's Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City.

Guy will be giving a presentation on his work, which will be followed by a signing. People, I got to hang out with Guy a bunch in Toronto in May, and let me tell you, he is a Funny Gentleman. If you have read Jerusalem, I shouldn't have to tell you what to do! If you have not yet read it, there is no time to waste: get on a bus/plane/train, start heading to Montreal, and we will see you here tonight, the 20th of July, 7 pm at good old 211 Rue Bernard O.

And then, on Saturday July 21st, we bid farewell to D+Q Design Manager Jessica Campbell as she departs for the wild world of being an "artiste" in Chicago.

Jessica has been working at D+Q for something like six years now, so we are more than a little heartbroken to have this wonderful colleague leaving us for greener pastures. This will be a zine launch, but also a chance to send her off in a wake of jokes and alcohol. I hear rumours of a Powerpoint presentation (oh yes, y'all)! We already miss you Jessica. Come out and congratulate her with us. Plus, you'd better soak up some of her hilarity, 'cuz I'm anticipating the company being about 70% less funny beginning next week.

Meet you at (Librairie) D+Q!

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