Blexbolex's Hors-Zone now in English!


Hors-Zone, Blexbolex's eyepoppingly gorgeous and hallucinatory hard-boiled detective cum end-of-the-world adventure has now been translated into English and published by Nobrow, as No Man's Land! This is a great thing for those of you who have been missing out on this beautiful and multi-layered (I refer both to Blexbolex's printing and narrative techniques, oh ha) book. The world is futuristic, apocalyptic. Blexbolex's hero finds himself on the wrong end of a death sentence for crimes committed against society - what's more, he is both the accused and the executioner. As he fires a bullet into his own head, he is catapulted into a hallucinatory dream-scape of ghost ships and jungle snakes, his mental state capricious and memories all too vivid. What follows is confusing, terrifying at times, and always stunningly depicted by the artist-author's bold and unmistakable prints. Here's a tantalizing glimpse:

We've got both the French and English versions in store, as well as other work by Blexbolex, published by Cornelius and Nobrow. Come see for yourselves!

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