Chris Kraus' Summer Of Hate

Writer and art critic Chris Kraus has a new novel out! Set in the Southwest US at the peak of the Bush-era, Summer of Hate is a love story and an account of the American prison industry.

The heroine, Catt, is an art-world insider who runs away from her career in LA to play the real estate game in Albuquerque. But she is not just seeking refuge from a disconnected and delusional environment: there is this stranger she met online through BDSM personals, and while at first she enjoys the thrilling idea of handing him all of her money, she comes to realize he's probably out to kill her - which may not be as great of a death as she initially thought.
Eventually, she gets romantically involved with Paul, a recently sober ex-con whose rehabilitation in the real world is hindered by a flawed parole system.

If you want to know more about the book and its author, I highly recommend this wonderful interview with Kraus that's currently up on Rhizome. You can also visit the book's website, where you'll notice something very exciting in the Events section: Chris Kraus will be reading from Summer of Hate here at the bookstore this October! Save the date, Thursday October 11th, and stay tuned for more information and more surprises about her Montreal visit!

Chris Kraus was called "one of our smartest and most original writers on contemporary art and culture” by the NY Times. Her first novel I Love Dick was released in 1997 and it is still being talked about: just this summer, it made it in the Jezebel book club. This cult classic has also been described by the Village Voice as “one of the literary high points of the past two decades.”
Her second novel, Aliens & Anorexia (2000), was also recently hailed by Rolling Stone as “visionary.” A frequent contributor to Artforum, Bookforum, Art in America, the LA Review of Books and other magazines, she is a noted art writer who has penned two collections of essays: Video Green (2004) and Where Art Belongs (2011). 

Check back here soon to know everything there is to know about her upcoming visit here this fall!

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