Derek Raymond's Factory Series

Nice! New additions to Melville's House's beautifully designed and expertly curated International Crime Series!

Credited as being the founder of English Noir, Derek Raymond was an ex-criminal and ex-pornographer who eventually turned to writing to support his family.

Derek Raymond's (a nom-de-plume, he ditched his real name -Robin Cook- to avoid confusion with the medical-mystery writer) infamous Factory series detailed the exploits of an unnamed police sergeant employed at the London Metropolitan Police’s Department of Unexplained Deaths. A deep-seeded hatred of authority and glory-grabbing informs most of his relationships with his colleagues and thoughts of his institutionalized wife torment him almost constantly.

Originally published in the eighties, the books in the bleak and brutal Factory series (four of five are pictured above) were the books that put Raymond's name on the map as one of the most esteemed neo-noir writers. Some good 'n dark stuff here, people.

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