Help us Eat the City: Thursday August 30th

You guys, it is starting to feel a lot like fall around here. Our events schedule is ramping up (expect more on that in the next week or so), and also HARVEST is here. Delicious tomatoes and eggplants and green beans and bell peppers and apples and so on and so forth. It's the most magical time of the year. And in two short weeks, we have an event with someone who really knows how to celebrate nature's bounty.

Robin Shulman, a New York-based writer and reporter, recently published Eat the City: a Tale of the Fishers, Foragers, Butchers, Farmers, Poultry Minders, Sugar Refiners, Cane Cutters, Beekeepers, Winemakers, and Brewers who built New York. Not only is this a totally fascinating topic for a book, but it is eloquently explored here, in chapters that deal with different foodstuffs (honey, wine, meat, beer, etc.).

Read an excerpt here, and some reviews here and here and then get excited because hey, guess what? We'll have Robin Shulman launching Eat the City right here at the Librairie D+Q on Thursday August 30th at 7 pm! I'm not entirely sure what she has planned for the launch, but I suspect we'll be in for some artisanal treats and also be able to learn a thing or two about our city from her, so mark this one in your datebooks, and stay tuned y'all!

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