Vinyl on paper

Just dropped off! Spivey is an artist and music enthusiast (as befits a Norton Records employee) whose books feature comics on the stories behind under-appreciated musical legends (Hasil Adkins, Esquerita, Kim Fowley, Stud Cole, Dolemite, and many more!) and people that love 'em. Subtitled "Torrid Tales From The Wild World Of Norton Records" and co-created by Norton co-founder Billy Miller, KC is gonna look great splayed out next to your pile of '45s.

In addition to comics, HBL also features an interview with Jim Valice of ultra-cool 60's underdogs (and personal favourites) The Index , an excellent primer on Fanny, the first all-female rock band signed to a major label for a multi-album deal (and who, for awhile, featured Suzi Quatro's sister, Patti, in their ranks) and a short guide to the which of Lou Reed's record-bin mainstays is worth your while (a pretty spot-on assessment too!). Oh. and more!
Records! Comics! What goes together better?

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