Robin Shulman launches Eat the City Tonight!!

Tonight (Thursday, August 30), Robin Shulman joins us in store to launch her delicious book, Eat the City, which chronicles the stories of New Yorkers past and present who have done battle with the notorious concrete jungle that is NYC in order to grow vegetables, butcher meat, cut and refine sugar, bee-keep, brew beer, and generally make the city live through local food production. Each section of the book is simply titled "Honey", "Vegetables", "Beer", "Fish", etc, and delves deep into the history and present realities of each. Fascinating anecdotes abound, such as one of my favourites, which concerns the mysterious red-honey-producing bees of Red Hook... I won't give away the surprising ending, of course.

To read a little more about the event and the book, check out this previous post.

The event starts at 7pm. Come on down!

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