Thursday August 9 at 7pm - Leaping Tall Buildings event

Christoper Irving will be doing a special reading and presentation from his book Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics at Librairie D+Q Thursday August 9 at 7pm.

Leaping Tall Buildings tells the story of how comics were initially brought to the masses (i.e. largely as junk culture) and how they predominately reach their public today (i.e. largely as legitimate literature). The book - comprised of interview-based essays, original photographs of artists, and excerpts of their work - takes us through the fascinating trajectory of American comics and considers its digital future.

Featuring 55 artists - including D+Q authors Chris Ware, James Sturm, and Art Spiegelman - Leaping Tall Buildings cuts no corners. Tim Marchman writes in his Wall Street Journal review of the book on how contemporary comics artists have individualized themselves against the DC and Marvel superhero mega-brand:

" far the most charming and enjoyable parts of the book are those that present substantive artists like Mr. Ware, Jaime Hernandez ("Love and Rockets") and Jeffrey Brown ("Unlikely"). By a quirk of the comics industry, artists like these, who deal with the stuff of real life and whose work is treasured by people who read books that have spines, are tagged as "alternative" or "underground." It's amusing to see how, in "Leaping Tall Buildings," such artists come off as normal, thoughtful people, while contemporary superhero creators tend to come off as pretentious autodidacts or failed cult leaders. If anything is "underground," it's their insular, indecipherable comics."

So, we'll see you there, August 9 at 7pm, for what is sure to be an engaging and thoughtful talk!
Bonus: a sneak peek of Leaping Tall Buildings with cartoonist Kim Deitch

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