Moomins: In gorgeous colour for the first time!

As a diehard Moomin fan and reader since childhood, I am particularly excited to tell you that we now have TWO Moomin stories in full colour for you/your friends/your kids/your parents/everyone. Even if you've already read these particular strips in black and white, they are so glorious in colour that you should definitely read them again! Tove Jansson was a true genius, as both a storyteller and a cartoonist/illustrator. I am seriously leaning towards getting some Moomin tattoos in the near future. Foreverlove!

In Moomin Valley Turns Jungle, a mysterious crate of seeds washes up on shore. When Moominmama plants the seeds, the Moominhouse is suddenly taken over by lush jungle plants! In the meantime, Stinky liberates an assortment of animals from the nearby zoo, and they of course take up residence in the new Moominjungle. As usual, things do not happen as expected: the house-as-rainforest is by turns delightful and frightening; seemingly ferocious beasts become family friends; and law enforcement accuses the Moominfamily of being hippopotami zoo-escapees...

The jungle is out of control! Tails are endangered!

Stinky cuts the cage bars! The botanist hemulen is confronted by some new creatures that are certainly not plants!

Moomin's Winter Follies brings us one of my favourite secondary Moomin characters: the over-zealous winter sports enthusiast Mr. Brisk! The Moominfamily makes a rare decision to brave the winter snows, rather than tuck in for their usual seasonal hibernation. The winter world of Moomin Valley is transformed by ice and snowdrifts. The Moominfamily and their friends find themselves caught up in Mr. Brisk's insistent and persistent attempts at fostering a strong sense of winter athletic competition among the Valley dwellers. Will his overbearing nature win out? Is there a soft and sensitive heart beneath all that bluster?

Winter sports and heavy competition are forced upon the Moomins & friends
Something sneaky is afoot! Rigged races, what!

In other Moomin news, we have also just published a new collective of Lars Jansson's Moomin comic strips. This is the second volume of collected Moomin comics dedicated to Lars Jansson's "spiritied take" on his sister's creations. Not to be missed!

So do come over and browse our Moominbooks!

Last night's poetry showcase with Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck

Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck's poetry showcase to a packed house. Launching Starnino's Lazy Bastardism: Essays and Reviews on Contemporary Poetry and Bruck's Monkey Ranch, the audience was treated to a delightful essay by Starnino on Irving Layton and a handful of poems by Bruck. Because I am certain I won't be able to do their poetry and poetry criticism justice, I will just say that the authors were charming, their readings were fascinating, and their audience was completely engaged. Check out the photographs from the event! (Please excuse our poor quality images. The store camera was out of service, so we used my iphone. But trust my words! Neither Starnino nor Bruck were pixelated and blown out in person!)


1982: an Evening with Jian Ghomeshi! Tickets on sale now!!!

As the host of CBC's Q, Jian Ghomeshi has been bringing us amazingly informative and enormously entertaining interviews with the most interesting people around. An expert at the art of the interview, Jian knows what questions to ask, when and how to ask them and -perhaps most importantly- he knows when to listen. Now it's our turn to ask the questions when Librairie Drawn & Quarterly brings Mr. Ghomeshi to the beautiful Ukrainian Federation building on the event of the publication of his literary memoir: 1982.

Wednesday, October 3rd, Ukrainian Federation, 5213 Hutchison-
- Doors at 7pm, event at 8pm -
Tickets $5, on sale NOW at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard West, 514-279-2224).

1982 is Jian Ghomeshi’s sharply funny, coming-of-age memoir told across intertwined stories of the songs and musical moments that changed his life. Obsessed with David Bowie, the adolescent Ghomeshi embarks on a Nick Hornbyesque journey to make music the centre of his life.

Join us in launching the first book by the award-winning broadcaster, writer, musician, and producer. It's sure to be an amazing evening!

Tonight! Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck poetry showcase!

Please join us tonight, Friday, September 28 at 7pm at the Drawn + Quarterly store (211 Bernard O.) for a poetry showcase by Montreal-bred poets Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck. They will be reading from their new collections. Between Starnino's rousing, sure-to-be controversial essay collection on Canadian poetry, Lazy Bastardism (Gaspereau Press), and the "antic sensuality" of Bruck's poems in Monkey Ranch (Brick Books), expect to be thoroughly entertained!

For more on this event, check out this earlier post!

There's also this recent article by Russell Smith on how poetry is enjoying a renaissance in Canada. 

Come see what all the fuss is about.

Upcoming event! Barry Webster launches The Lava in My Bones

We are happy to announce that Montreal-based writer Barry Webster will be launching his newest novel, The Lava in My Bones at the Drawn + Quarterly store (211 Bernard O.) on Friday, October 12, at 7pm. Please accept this cordial invitation:

Featuring a geologist who eats rocks, an elusive lover in drag, a teen girl who sweats honey, a Pentecostal Mother on the rampage, The Lava in My Bones is a surreal, spellbinding, portrait of desire told in four voices.

Barry Webster is a classically trained pianist and writer of both fiction and non-fiction. His first book, The Sound of All Flesh (Porcupine's Quill), won the ReLit Award for the best collection of Canadian short fiction published in 2005 and was a finalist for the Hugh MacLennan Prize. His short stories have also been shortlisted for the National Magazine Award and the CBC-Quebec Prize. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Washington Post, The Toronto Star, Event, Fiddlehead, and The Globe and Mail. He has lived for extended periods of time in Barcelona, London, Banff, and Berlin, where he was staying the night the Wall fell. Originally from Toronto he now resides in East Montreal. (Bio from Barry Webster's website.)

We hope you can join us for this promising evening!

Thickness 3

Thickness #3 has made its way to the store!

This issue of the popular erotic comics anthology was put together, with love, by Same Hat's Ryan Sand himself. Speaking of Same Hat, its tumblr is the most mesmerizing thing ever - you WILL spend too much time on it. Anyway, back to Thickness 3 - in your little plastic bag, and under a Gengoroh Tagame belly-band sheet, you'll find all these hand-printed and hand-assembled goodies:

A 16 page mini of QVIET strips by Andy Burkholder!

A Thickness 3 postcard!

The actual comic! 80 pages of '"risographed, two-color goodness", featuring, amongst others...

Montreal's very own Jimmy Beaulieu, with a story tying in with this spring's student protests...

An excellent contribution by Lamar Abrams...

Ero-manga icon Gengoroh Tagame's english debut! Not for the faint of heart y'all!

Inside the comic, you'll also find a poster by HamletMachine.

Ryan was also kind enough to send us a few copies of Thickness 1 (the second issue is already sold out) and Electric Ant 2! Act fast, all of these will sell quickly.

Féminismes Électriques

A new publication from Montreal's very own La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse has made its way to the store! Entitled Féminismes Électriques and published in collaboration with les éditions du remue-ménage and Art Metropole, this bilingual book covers the last decade of exhibitions and performances programmed by one of the oldest artist-run centers in Quebec. 

It comes with a beautiful artist poster by G.B. Jones, and it features an insightful interview with store-favorite Chris Kraus - who will be coming to Librairie D+Q October 11th to launch her brand new novel! In this conversation with Canadian-born artist Onya Hogan-Finlay, Kraus discusses the history of avant-garde publishing house Semiotext(e), translations, mistranslations, blogging, touring and promoting the female 'I.' 

D+Q artist Amy Lockhart is featured in this publication too, with this shot of her exhibition Give Up the Ghost, which I looved. Amy, Montreal misses you!

And look, up in the right corner, there's a picture of artist, workshop teacher and store-friend Leyla Majeri in there! Speaking of Leyla, she will be with us for a very exciting event with a great gang of amazing artists this fall, more on that soon!

David Byrne's How Music Works Event!

Ok. So, David Byrne's How Music Works: I Am Standing on A Stage, Why Do We Do It? event was one killer night! But, with David Byrne and Win Butler on stage together for the first time in front of a sold out, enthusiastic crowd...I guess it was to be expected. Still!!

Backstage, David was a dream - warm and friendly - and he got right to work signing books. Of course, making it even better was the fact that Win & Regine (both of them total sweethearts) were there as well and discussion topics included, but were not limited to, legible autograph expectations, the perfect set list length (Ramones played 35 minutes and no more), the necessity of sometimes having to eat a sandwich onstage during a performance and the return of Arrested Development.

photo by Richmond Lam

Onstage, conversation was even more all over the place as topics ranged from the hidden face of MF Doom and what an artist's outfit can imply to how performance alters music composition to Justin Timberlake and Bob Dylan's respective live bands and the choreography of Timberlake's dancers, to Daft Punk to Swedish House music was like listening in on the best dinner date ever...except, instead of dinner,  there were slides of Ukrainian Eurovision contestants instead.
David, Win and our moderator Sean Michaels. Photo by Richmond Lam.

Afterwards, there was a rush to the book table and tons of signed copies of each of David's books (Bicycle Diaries, Arboretum and How Music Works) flew from table to hands, from hands to pockets and bags, and then to cars and bikes and finally to homes....where they belong.

Librairie D&Q staff earlier in the evening, before the event.

So many people to thank here: David and the folks at Todo Mundo, especially LeeAnn, Alyson from McSweeney's who is THE BEST, Michael Martin from Raincoast, Win Butler for being such a perfect and engaging guest and for being Win Butler, Dounia Mikou for helping organize, the wonderful Sean Michaels for moderating the discussion with considerable panache, Pop Montreal -especially Shaun Bronstein, Hilary Leftick, Sarah Shoucri, Aaron Thomas Smith, and Dan Seligman- for  partnering with us and doing tons of work that ensured the whole gigantic thing ran smoothly (not to mention all those amazing Pop Montreal volunteers) and of course: all of you who came and made it a success! We here at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly feel fortunate to have been able to share such a memorable night with you. Thanks! Let's do it again sometime.

New Nobrow!!

NOBROW 7 is in the house everyone! As always, it is incredible, and I’m especially stoked that they kept the same double flip format as the last number, with double the page count and a whole comics section. In terms of contributors, we are talking about la crème de la crème: Joost Swarte, Tom Gauld, Jillian Tamaki, Luke Pearson, Michael DeForge, Anders Nilsen, and so many more.

 Nick Sheehy

 Raymond Lemstra

 Michael Deforge

Tom Gauld

Fun fact extravaganza

Have you ever wondered why pigeons bob their heads when they walk? Or what triggers the reversal of earth’s polarity? Well now you can find out thanks to the internet wonderful THE WHERE THE WHY AND THE HOW. What sets this book apart from other science books is its sheer beauty, since each answer is illustrated by a top notch artist. Contributors include Jon Klassen, Neil Farber, Michael Dumontier, Marc Bell, Lillie Carré, Vanessa Davis, and Matt Forsythe.

 Why are humans and chimps so different if they have nearly identical DNA?
artwork by Matt Forsythe

  Do squirrels remember where they bury their nuts?
artwork by Aaron Meshon

What triggers puberty?
artwork by Vanessa Davis

What drives plates tectonics?
artwork by Marc Bell

Street Style & Advanced Style

We just received Closer, Scott Schuman's new Sartorialist book! This second volume features selected photos from the world's most acclaimed street style blog, as well as around 40 exclusive images - favourites of the past year that Scott kept on the side for the book!

In this follow-up to 2009's bestseller, Schuman gets closer to the essence of the perfect outfit and travels more than ever to document stylish outfits all over the world. The book is available with two different covers. You can read more about the book and about Schuman in this interview with Harper's Bazaar.

On the same table here at the store, you'll find the newly-released Advanced Style, which has to appeal to you if you're into fearless and inspiring style (you will want to grow up to be these ladies). Based on the street style blog ran by Ari Seth Cohen, the book comes with a foreword by store-favorite Maira Kalman.

If you wanna know more about the project and the fabulous women it portrays, Tavi Gevinson (whose Rookie Yearbook D+Q just put out, and we're obsesseddd with it) blogged about it in a post entitled "a thing to look at whenever you are bummed about the world." Encapsulating the appeal and the importance of the blog in a handful of well-chosen words, she writes: "Wrinkles and scars and imperfections are signs of life, not of being young and naive and sexy and nonthreatening." Swoon!

3 Great Kids Books

Glow-in-the-dark and spiral-bound, Argentinian children's author, Isol's Nocturne: Dream Recipes gives is a guide to cultivating an interesting dream-life.

 From McSweeney's children's book imprint McMullens comes this l'il adventure from cartoonist Matt Furie, his first book for tots. A frog and a mouse who love bike-riding at night run into a giant albino crab and a video-game playing bat and a dragon in the beautifully illustrated -and wordless-  The Night Riders!


 From MoMA comes this new translation of a 1926 Russian book that draws its influence from the early-twentieth century avant-garde.

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