Koyama Madness!

Guess who just got a shipment of goodies from our pals at Koyama Press!
To begin, there’s an all new Julia Wertz book, a collection of three short works titled THE INFINITE WAIT AND OTHER STORIES.  If this is anything like her FART PARTY series, you are in for some witty fun. 

Also new is THE BIG BOOK OF ANSWERS, a fun little comic about cute characters doing not-so-cute things to each other. The book was created by the Team Society League, an artist collective made up of Aaron Costain, John Martz, Steve Wolfhard, and Zach Worton.

And finally, Mr. Michael DeForge. I actually shrieked from joy when I saw the new issue of LOSE in the store this afternoon. Like many others out there, I am a huge fan of DeForge’s work, and admire everything he does, from his wacky comics to his endearing characters on Super Adventure Time. We also restocked on back issues of LOSE, which means a huge win for us all!

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