Last night's poetry showcase with Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck

Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting Carmine Starnino and Julie Bruck's poetry showcase to a packed house. Launching Starnino's Lazy Bastardism: Essays and Reviews on Contemporary Poetry and Bruck's Monkey Ranch, the audience was treated to a delightful essay by Starnino on Irving Layton and a handful of poems by Bruck. Because I am certain I won't be able to do their poetry and poetry criticism justice, I will just say that the authors were charming, their readings were fascinating, and their audience was completely engaged. Check out the photographs from the event! (Please excuse our poor quality images. The store camera was out of service, so we used my iphone. But trust my words! Neither Starnino nor Bruck were pixelated and blown out in person!)


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