Moomins: In gorgeous colour for the first time!

As a diehard Moomin fan and reader since childhood, I am particularly excited to tell you that we now have TWO Moomin stories in full colour for you/your friends/your kids/your parents/everyone. Even if you've already read these particular strips in black and white, they are so glorious in colour that you should definitely read them again! Tove Jansson was a true genius, as both a storyteller and a cartoonist/illustrator. I am seriously leaning towards getting some Moomin tattoos in the near future. Foreverlove!

In Moomin Valley Turns Jungle, a mysterious crate of seeds washes up on shore. When Moominmama plants the seeds, the Moominhouse is suddenly taken over by lush jungle plants! In the meantime, Stinky liberates an assortment of animals from the nearby zoo, and they of course take up residence in the new Moominjungle. As usual, things do not happen as expected: the house-as-rainforest is by turns delightful and frightening; seemingly ferocious beasts become family friends; and law enforcement accuses the Moominfamily of being hippopotami zoo-escapees...

The jungle is out of control! Tails are endangered!

Stinky cuts the cage bars! The botanist hemulen is confronted by some new creatures that are certainly not plants!

Moomin's Winter Follies brings us one of my favourite secondary Moomin characters: the over-zealous winter sports enthusiast Mr. Brisk! The Moominfamily makes a rare decision to brave the winter snows, rather than tuck in for their usual seasonal hibernation. The winter world of Moomin Valley is transformed by ice and snowdrifts. The Moominfamily and their friends find themselves caught up in Mr. Brisk's insistent and persistent attempts at fostering a strong sense of winter athletic competition among the Valley dwellers. Will his overbearing nature win out? Is there a soft and sensitive heart beneath all that bluster?

Winter sports and heavy competition are forced upon the Moomins & friends
Something sneaky is afoot! Rigged races, what!

In other Moomin news, we have also just published a new collective of Lars Jansson's Moomin comic strips. This is the second volume of collected Moomin comics dedicated to Lars Jansson's "spiritied take" on his sister's creations. Not to be missed!

So do come over and browse our Moominbooks!

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