New Releases!

Gabrielle Bell’s long-awaited THE VOYEURS is in, everyone! The book recounts Bell’s last four years as she travels the globe with film director Michel Gondry and is invited to San Diego’s Comic-Con as a special guest. More Gabrielle Bell is always a good thing in my book.

Next is Ethan Rilly’s POPE HATS #3. With each new issue, Rilly continues to impress me, perfecting his craft and storytelling abilities. Rilly is one of the most promising talents out there, and I’m always pleased to see more of his work.


Following his hit ESSEX COUNTY, Jeff Lemire is back with a tale about an underwater welder off the coast of Nova Scotia. UNDERWATER WELDER has been receiving great reviews all over the web, and is praised as one of Lemire’s strongest works to date.

Last but not least is Ping Zhu’s SWAN LAKE, a gorgeous accordion pamphlet depicting Tchaikovsky's famous masterpiece. The work is published by Nobrow Press, and just like all their other releases, SWAN LAKE is simply stunning.  

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