Thickness 3

Thickness #3 has made its way to the store!

This issue of the popular erotic comics anthology was put together, with love, by Same Hat's Ryan Sand himself. Speaking of Same Hat, its tumblr is the most mesmerizing thing ever - you WILL spend too much time on it. Anyway, back to Thickness 3 - in your little plastic bag, and under a Gengoroh Tagame belly-band sheet, you'll find all these hand-printed and hand-assembled goodies:

A 16 page mini of QVIET strips by Andy Burkholder!

A Thickness 3 postcard!

The actual comic! 80 pages of '"risographed, two-color goodness", featuring, amongst others...

Montreal's very own Jimmy Beaulieu, with a story tying in with this spring's student protests...

An excellent contribution by Lamar Abrams...

Ero-manga icon Gengoroh Tagame's english debut! Not for the faint of heart y'all!

Inside the comic, you'll also find a poster by HamletMachine.

Ryan was also kind enough to send us a few copies of Thickness 1 (the second issue is already sold out) and Electric Ant 2! Act fast, all of these will sell quickly.

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