Pure Green Magazine

Volume 4 of PURE GREEN MAGAZINE is in! In this issue: a guide to ancient grains, how to brew the ultimate cup of joe, a recipe for Dutch Babies (not what you think- or at least, not what I thought), and cocktail drinks for all! Allez hop, à la table!

Lost at Sea

Have you heard of Jon Ronson? If not, goodness gracious, are you missing out! Journalist, documentary filmmaker, radio host, and author, Ronson has a new book out on  the "dark uncanny sides of humanity," entitled Lost at Sea. Which basically means that Ronson investigated the whack-o depths of our contemporary culture.

In it he details the Insane Clown Posse's juggalo fans, lifelike robots with loved one's personalities, the town of North Pole, a  pop singer (Robbie Williams) who is deeply invested in the coming alien invasion, AND SO MUCH MORE. Funny and terrifying, Ronson highlights the subtleties of living in our modern world.

Aline & R.Crumb Drawn Together

Once in a while, I dream of a book for years, and then one day it magically materializes itself on our shelves. Drawn Together is that kind of book.

I'm always on the lookout for anything drawn by Aline Kominsky, she is my favorite. Sadly, it's not everyday that her work appears in such a massive hardcover. But let's be positive, and happy that this massive hardcover even exists!

As far as I know, it collects every single comic drawn collaboratively between Kominsky and Robert Crumb in their 35 years of love and artistic dialogue. I love that there are all those recent strips in there - you get to see fashion week through their eyes, Sophie growing up through the years and "more than you wanna know about senior sex." The book also features brief cameos by Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns, and Sophie Crumb.

Aline is the coolest, she's beautiful, and both confident (bordering on vain?) and sensitive (bordering on neurotic?) at the same time : in other words, everything I aspire to be. As for Crumb, I don't even know where to start - he's an icon! You can imagine how delectable anything they do together can get.

I still can't believe they are the world's only cartooning couple...

Spoiler: this will be in my list of favorite books of the year.

Chris Kraus in Montreal: it happened

This October we were delighted to have acclaimed novelist and art writer Chris Kraus visit us in Montreal for two "freaking amazing" readings. Here are some pictures!

Writer and store-friend Sina Queyras introduced Chris at the beginning of her Concordia reading, which was hosted and organized by Writers Read. Speaking of Sina, you don't want to miss her reading right here at the store, November 1st, in celebration of the Montreal Review of Books' fifteenth anniversary!

But back to the event recap: Chris read a brand new essay titled Kelly Lake Store and Other Stories - for the first time out! What an honour!

The essay will be printed in an eponymous book by Companion Editions (Reed College), so instead of awkwardly trying to resume it, I'll just promise you that we'll stock it when it's available. I'll also promise you that you'll find it insightful and captivating - though not as captivating as a performance of it by Kraus in person, and with a slideshow presentation to top it all off.

The reading was followed by an engaging Q&A session. The crowd, not pictured here because that's how engaged we all were, was awesome and filled the room. No offense to those of you who were standing at the back or sitting on the floor, but it was a really great sight.

As for me, I was stoked and wearing a thrifted Givenchy shirt. Wait what?

Anyway - the next day, Chris came to the bookstore to read from her new novel Summer of Hate. So many special people were in attendance, but more on that below...

First, have another picture of me. I had the pleasure of introducing Chris onstage with a public reading of an originally private email, in which I listed the reasons why I love Chris' work. Highlights of that included the use of "REAL" as an adjective and all capitalized, a lot of compliments glued together with backslashes and more capitalized words like FUNNY and WITTY thrown in the mix.

The excerpts Chris read turned out to be some of my favorites from the book - passages I vividly remembered re-reading because they were just that juicy, like Dominant Realm's post on CollarMe.com (fun fact: this website exists irl), and Catt's thoughts on it ("This is some heavy shit").

After the reading, we were treated with our second amazing Q&A session of the week. Here's our friend Melissa Bull, whose interview with Kraus on Lemon Hound is a must-read.

So many writers we love here at the store were in attendance, can you spot them? Among them was Jeff Miller, who wrote this brilliant review of Summer of Hate for Cult Montreal.

If you couldn't make it that night, you'll be happy to know that Chris left us with a fair amount of signed stock. Come grab signed copies of Summer of Hate, Where Art Belongs and Aliens & Anorexia while we still have them.

Thank you Chris for these two perfect events, thanks Writers Read for your help making them happen, and thanks to everyone who came in such great numbers, and with such enthusiasm! Love y'all.

All the Wrong Questions

What's this? A prequel to Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events? The series is called All the Wrong Questions, you say? This is the first volume of the series? What is it about? I have to read it to find out??! Why on earth would I want to do that? Because it's fantastic? Oh really? And Seth illustrated it?? OH REALLY?

"In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He started by asking questions that shouldn't have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn't be read..." (LSATWQ)

These two men are just the dapperest, aren't they?

Book trailer anyone? Why not?

I made you a Milktape!

 Remember the gentle art of making a mixtape? And then the future came along and ruined all that. Or did it?

 It's a cassette!

It's a USB key! Just drag and drop from your 'puter (128MB, around 15 songs on average, which is pretty near perfect if you ask me)...


It's Milktape, the USB cassette mixtape! 

No more "oh you've never heard The Strokes? Here are all their albums...and Julien's solo album and Albert's and..."

GOOD LORD, just drag their best song on to the Milktape and be done with it! No one wants that much Deerhunter...or King Crimson...or Yma Sumac anyway! Make a choice, make a point: impress a future lover!

Each tape comes with one blank case cover and 2 blank stickers, so personalize away! 

And check it...

 First person to come in buy one (and mention this blog post) gets an extra-special and (kinda) book-themed Milktape made by yours truly, free o' charge!

Upcoming event: Montreal Review of Books' 15th Anniversary!

The Montreal Review of Books will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary on Thursday, November 1 at 7pm here at the Drawn + Quarterly bookstore.

The event will feature readings by local literati Sina Queyras (Autobiography of Childhood, Expressway, Lemon Hound), Taras Grescoe (Straphanger, Bottomfeeder), Peter Dubé (The City's Gates, Subtle Bodies), Monique Polak (Pyro, Miracleville, Junkyard Dog), and others. There will be wine, there will be snacks, and we've even heard delectable rumours of a homemade cake!

We are delighted to support this local rag, and these local writers. We've done events with Taras Grescoe, Sina Queyras and Peter Dubé in the (quite recent) past, and look forward to collaborating with them again.

Congratulations on your anniversary, mRb!
See you there, everyone!

Abstract animation screening night, with Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, Joshua Bastien and Jason Kadman!

 "Close to dreams in structure, films offer a gateway to irrational processing of daily emotions, thoughts, and images"
- L. Goldberg

We are thrilled to be hosting an abstract animations screening night on Saturday, November 3 at 7pm, featuring a dozen shorts (think micro-shorts... er, as in very-very-short films) by eclectic artists Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, Joshua Bastien and Jason Kadman!
Leif Goldberg
Leif's animated films hover between apocalypse and creative play, a wasteland and a garden, a narrated sci-fi adventure story and a chorus of screams. Leif is the creator of National Waste and Paper Rodeo (with Matt Brinkman), a performer and designer for Trutheatertheater, and one half of the dada-rock band Crude Hill. He was also a founder of Providence R.I.'s now defunct Fort Thunder warehouse space, and a member of the noise-art collective Forcefield. We've carried Leif's printed work at the store before and are looking forward to seeing his animations! Check out his new project: http://explodeheadview.org/

Still from Laws For The Interminable, L. Goldberg

Still from Life Under The Three Suns, L. Goldberg

Julie Doucet
will be showing 4 (cross your fingers for a 5th one, almost done!) animation experiments. These works, each 1-2 minutes long, are films with words to a soundtrack collaboration with Anne-Francoise Jacques from Minibloc. Julie is also a cartoonist and has published many zines and books with D+Q - in fact, she is one of the very first artists we ever worked with! Very excited to get to see her animated work!

Still from On se Lundi, J. Doucet  
Still from I need an escape plan, J. Doucet

Leyla Majeri with Katherine Kline 
Zodiacal Light is the latest collaboration between Montreal-based visual artist and musician Leyla Majeri and musician Katherine Kline. Leyla's 16mm projections are accompanied by Katherine's live soundtrack - a 'silent film' style performance that pays homage to older forms of magic: from the early days of cinema, to our connection to the cosmos. Leyla works in several media - she has been running a very awesome and popular silkscreening workshop at the store for quite some time. We feel so lucky to collaborate with her!

Stills from Zodiacal Light, L. Majeri

Joshua Bastien
is a Montreal-based artist and musician. In this video commission for the London record label Phantasy, and Brazilian musician 'Babe, Terror', Joshua present us with footage of a ritual dissolving. Josh works in the swelling and decomposing of pictures. Digital images become primordial fluid.

Still from Lifantastic II, J. Bastien

Jason Kadman

will premiere his new short film, shot on 16mm and hand processed. This piece was filmed in Vancouver during spring 2011.

Still from Untitled, J. Kadman

All the artists will be present, and there will be popcorn and warm drinks for everyone! What a treat - can't think of a better way to spend an autumn evening. Hope to see you there!

Ransom Rigg's Talking Pictures

New and neat-o, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children author Ransom Riggs' newest offering (subtitled Images and Messages Rescued from the Past) is a selection of weird, disturbing, sweet, and heart-breaking old photographs he's collected over the years.

 Damn, it's ol' Buzzard neck and Hamfat! Polite and well-adjusted guys one-on-one and apart from one another, but get them together and hoo-boy!

 "The King of Hobos - Prince of Ireland in Disgust" and " President of the United States".

"This was when they loved each other". Aw, jeez.

Well yeah, the photos are fascinating but it's the handwritten inscriptions that appear on the backs of them that really seal the deal and make the book such a re-readable treasure, as Riggs explains in his introduction:
 They allow us to recognize something of ourselves in the blurred and yellowing faces of our forbears. By echoing something timeless, they remind us of all that hasn't changed: the ache of long-distance love; the anxiety felt by parents sending their children off to war; that everyone, at one time or another, has felt self-conscious about the way they look in pictures.

"This is my picture. Ha Ha"

Photos from Barry Webster's launch!

On Friday, October 12, the charming Barry Webster was here at the store to launch his newest book, the sumptuous and surprising The Lava in My Bones (Arsenal Pulp Press).

Friends and fans gathered to hear Barry read and briefly discuss some excerpts from the novel. We learned of honey sweats, the unexpected sensuality of bees, and the art of writing just enough but not too much in the voice of a character you can't stand (in this case, an uptight and controlling Swiss man who finds himself haunted incessantly by the hovering eyes of his ex-lover - "Scheiss! Verdammung!"), among other things.

There were refreshments, there was book signing - it was a lovely evening!

If you didn't make it out to the event, we still have The Lava in My Bones in store!

Rawi Hage launches Carnival

Last week we had the pleasure of joining forces with House of Anansi Press to launch Carnival, Rawi Hage's new, already award-winning, novel. The Bar with No Name (5295 Avenue du Parc, someone let me know if it's been named yet) was packed with a crowd of attentive friends and fans - that's a great crowd shot up there, if I've ever seen one!

Below are pictures of the "classy, entertaining, moving" evening! (says @NishaColeman on Twitter, and I agree!) We were treated with champagne and snacks, but more importantly, by readings from Rawi's book by a slew of special guests: Jesh Hanspal, Julian Samuel (pictured below),... 

 Edith Werbel: 

Store-friend and author of Dogs at the Perimeter, the delightful Madeleine Thien:

And Rawi Hage himself!

Closing the evening was musician Amir Amiri, whose music was so beautiful and mesmerizing that I forgot to take pictures, sorry! But head over to his website, you'll be able to listen to his work for yourself! 

Carnival has been shortlisted for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize and the Quebec Writers' Federation Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction. To read more about about the book, I suggest you check out what the Gazette has to say about it, and then come grab your copy at the store! Thanks everyone for coming, it was a blast!

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