Abstract animation screening night, with Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, Joshua Bastien and Jason Kadman!

 "Close to dreams in structure, films offer a gateway to irrational processing of daily emotions, thoughts, and images"
- L. Goldberg

We are thrilled to be hosting an abstract animations screening night on Saturday, November 3 at 7pm, featuring a dozen shorts (think micro-shorts... er, as in very-very-short films) by eclectic artists Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, Joshua Bastien and Jason Kadman!
Leif Goldberg
Leif's animated films hover between apocalypse and creative play, a wasteland and a garden, a narrated sci-fi adventure story and a chorus of screams. Leif is the creator of National Waste and Paper Rodeo (with Matt Brinkman), a performer and designer for Trutheatertheater, and one half of the dada-rock band Crude Hill. He was also a founder of Providence R.I.'s now defunct Fort Thunder warehouse space, and a member of the noise-art collective Forcefield. We've carried Leif's printed work at the store before and are looking forward to seeing his animations! Check out his new project: http://explodeheadview.org/

Still from Laws For The Interminable, L. Goldberg

Still from Life Under The Three Suns, L. Goldberg

Julie Doucet
will be showing 4 (cross your fingers for a 5th one, almost done!) animation experiments. These works, each 1-2 minutes long, are films with words to a soundtrack collaboration with Anne-Francoise Jacques from Minibloc. Julie is also a cartoonist and has published many zines and books with D+Q - in fact, she is one of the very first artists we ever worked with! Very excited to get to see her animated work!

Still from On se Lundi, J. Doucet  
Still from I need an escape plan, J. Doucet

Leyla Majeri with Katherine Kline 
Zodiacal Light is the latest collaboration between Montreal-based visual artist and musician Leyla Majeri and musician Katherine Kline. Leyla's 16mm projections are accompanied by Katherine's live soundtrack - a 'silent film' style performance that pays homage to older forms of magic: from the early days of cinema, to our connection to the cosmos. Leyla works in several media - she has been running a very awesome and popular silkscreening workshop at the store for quite some time. We feel so lucky to collaborate with her!

Stills from Zodiacal Light, L. Majeri

Joshua Bastien
is a Montreal-based artist and musician. In this video commission for the London record label Phantasy, and Brazilian musician 'Babe, Terror', Joshua present us with footage of a ritual dissolving. Josh works in the swelling and decomposing of pictures. Digital images become primordial fluid.

Still from Lifantastic II, J. Bastien

Jason Kadman

will premiere his new short film, shot on 16mm and hand processed. This piece was filmed in Vancouver during spring 2011.

Still from Untitled, J. Kadman

All the artists will be present, and there will be popcorn and warm drinks for everyone! What a treat - can't think of a better way to spend an autumn evening. Hope to see you there!

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