Aline & R.Crumb Drawn Together

Once in a while, I dream of a book for years, and then one day it magically materializes itself on our shelves. Drawn Together is that kind of book.

I'm always on the lookout for anything drawn by Aline Kominsky, she is my favorite. Sadly, it's not everyday that her work appears in such a massive hardcover. But let's be positive, and happy that this massive hardcover even exists!

As far as I know, it collects every single comic drawn collaboratively between Kominsky and Robert Crumb in their 35 years of love and artistic dialogue. I love that there are all those recent strips in there - you get to see fashion week through their eyes, Sophie growing up through the years and "more than you wanna know about senior sex." The book also features brief cameos by Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns, and Sophie Crumb.

Aline is the coolest, she's beautiful, and both confident (bordering on vain?) and sensitive (bordering on neurotic?) at the same time : in other words, everything I aspire to be. As for Crumb, I don't even know where to start - he's an icon! You can imagine how delectable anything they do together can get.

I still can't believe they are the world's only cartooning couple...

Spoiler: this will be in my list of favorite books of the year.

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