Chris Kraus in Montreal: it happened

This October we were delighted to have acclaimed novelist and art writer Chris Kraus visit us in Montreal for two "freaking amazing" readings. Here are some pictures!

Writer and store-friend Sina Queyras introduced Chris at the beginning of her Concordia reading, which was hosted and organized by Writers Read. Speaking of Sina, you don't want to miss her reading right here at the store, November 1st, in celebration of the Montreal Review of Books' fifteenth anniversary!

But back to the event recap: Chris read a brand new essay titled Kelly Lake Store and Other Stories - for the first time out! What an honour!

The essay will be printed in an eponymous book by Companion Editions (Reed College), so instead of awkwardly trying to resume it, I'll just promise you that we'll stock it when it's available. I'll also promise you that you'll find it insightful and captivating - though not as captivating as a performance of it by Kraus in person, and with a slideshow presentation to top it all off.

The reading was followed by an engaging Q&A session. The crowd, not pictured here because that's how engaged we all were, was awesome and filled the room. No offense to those of you who were standing at the back or sitting on the floor, but it was a really great sight.

As for me, I was stoked and wearing a thrifted Givenchy shirt. Wait what?

Anyway - the next day, Chris came to the bookstore to read from her new novel Summer of Hate. So many special people were in attendance, but more on that below...

First, have another picture of me. I had the pleasure of introducing Chris onstage with a public reading of an originally private email, in which I listed the reasons why I love Chris' work. Highlights of that included the use of "REAL" as an adjective and all capitalized, a lot of compliments glued together with backslashes and more capitalized words like FUNNY and WITTY thrown in the mix.

The excerpts Chris read turned out to be some of my favorites from the book - passages I vividly remembered re-reading because they were just that juicy, like Dominant Realm's post on (fun fact: this website exists irl), and Catt's thoughts on it ("This is some heavy shit").

After the reading, we were treated with our second amazing Q&A session of the week. Here's our friend Melissa Bull, whose interview with Kraus on Lemon Hound is a must-read.

So many writers we love here at the store were in attendance, can you spot them? Among them was Jeff Miller, who wrote this brilliant review of Summer of Hate for Cult Montreal.

If you couldn't make it that night, you'll be happy to know that Chris left us with a fair amount of signed stock. Come grab signed copies of Summer of Hate, Where Art Belongs and Aliens & Anorexia while we still have them.

Thank you Chris for these two perfect events, thanks Writers Read for your help making them happen, and thanks to everyone who came in such great numbers, and with such enthusiasm! Love y'all.

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