I made you a Milktape!

 Remember the gentle art of making a mixtape? And then the future came along and ruined all that. Or did it?

 It's a cassette!

It's a USB key! Just drag and drop from your 'puter (128MB, around 15 songs on average, which is pretty near perfect if you ask me)...


It's Milktape, the USB cassette mixtape! 

No more "oh you've never heard The Strokes? Here are all their albums...and Julien's solo album and Albert's and..."

GOOD LORD, just drag their best song on to the Milktape and be done with it! No one wants that much Deerhunter...or King Crimson...or Yma Sumac anyway! Make a choice, make a point: impress a future lover!

Each tape comes with one blank case cover and 2 blank stickers, so personalize away! 

And check it...

 First person to come in buy one (and mention this blog post) gets an extra-special and (kinda) book-themed Milktape made by yours truly, free o' charge!

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