Jian Ghomeshi Was Here

So last Wednesday, Jian Ghomeshi was in Montreal to launch his new book, 1982 at the Ukrainian Federation. It was packed, needless to say, and those in attendance were thoroughly entertained by excerpts from the book, as well as additional anecdotes about various aspects of Ghomeshi's youth and musical coming of age.

We learned about the precise alignment of factors required to speak to your crush from your parents' hallway land-line before the easy days of cellphones and Facebook; the parental art of passive aggression as used to express concern and bewilderment over certain fashion choices, such as Pointy Black Boots, hair gel and eyeliner; and the particular experience of being an Iranian/Persian-Canadian teenage New Waver in the Toronto suburbs...


Further anticipation...
D+Q's Associate Publisher, Peggy Burns gives the introduction: Jian Ghomeshi reels Americans in, too!

Jian himself takes the stage

Soon, all these books were flying off the table!
After his presentation, Jian graciously worked the signing table for an impressive (as in, out the door and practically around the corner) line-up of fans, all bearing books.

He even signed a pile of non-claimed books, which means that we have these signed copies in store. If you missed the event, you should come by and snatch one up before they're all gone!

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